10 Best Technical Skills to Have on Your Resume in 2021

10 Best Technical Skills to Have on Your Resume in 2021

2020 was a challenging year that made millions of people rethink their career paths. Some might consider changing the industry they’re in, others might improve their existing skill set. One sure thing is that the job market will always be looking for candidates who possess the so-called ‘technical skills’. In this article, you’ll find 10 best technical skills that you need to have to impress your future employer.

What are technical skills?

With more industries focussing on the technological side of business, the demand for employees with hard skills has increased. Technical skills are when an individual has the expertise to perform complicated tasks and processes, usually referring to technology. Depending on the job type, these skills can vary from programming languages such as Python or JavaScript to basic software applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Here are some examples to take note of:

Project Management software

Being a project manager is not easy and it requires a lot of planning, time management and good execution. Companies want to ensure that the right candidate is proficient not only at organising and managing resources but also at using the right tools for doing the work efficiently. For example, mastering software such as Trello, Monday, Budget planning and Zoom can help run your projects smoothly.

Design software

While your creativity can be unique and amazing  it will not guarantee you a better job, unless you have the right technical skills.  For example, having knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite such as Photoshop, Illustrator and nDesign can help you create imagery that looks professional and is of industry standard.

Programming software

In today’s job market, some companies want their employees to have at least the basic knowledge in coding such as HTML, XML, R or Python. Technology relies on the backend of the system and if you’re able to solve most of the coding issues, you’re likely to climb that career ladder a lot faster.

Administrative software

People working in the administrative area of the business are the main point of contact between the management and clients. Their communication should be effective and professional to ensure that standards are met. Microsoft Office packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc is the technical skill to help in handling administrative tasks and perform work efficiently.

Marketing software

In recent years, marketing became a more digitised field due to increased desire to understand customers’ journey from their first online purchase to becoming a brand advocate. Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, WordPress, etc are the tools that help you to track, influence and understand the users’ buying journey. Ultimately,  having these technical skills will help you make better marketing decisions which will improve the company’s success.

Cloud Computing software

With 5G covering more areas, companies are increasingly  looking for professionals that can manage cloud networks. Among the most popular technical skills are Cloud Architecture and Applications (JSON and RPC) and Storage and Data Management.

Product Management software

There are certain situations where technical knowledge is much needed for product managers. For example, if you manage a product for technical users such as engineers or developers you need to be aware of its specifications. Product roadmaps, SCRUM methodology or User Experience design are must-haves when building your resume.

Mobile development

There are thousands of apps and new websites released every day. All of these were created by people with necessary technical knowledge in web and mobile development. Companies are constantly searching for people who are experts in Android and iOS App Development as well as Web Architecture.

Data Analysis

From the financial perspective, employees’ abilities should go beyond analysing data. They have to demonstrate how to make the most of the company’s resources. That includes a set of hard skills such as resource management, data engineering or any other data tool that will meet the bottom line.

Healthcare software equipment

Good doctors will always be in high demand, especially, when their knowledge is more than anatomy. Knowing how to handle electronic medical records, medical coding or sonography will be a great addition to your resume in 2021. It will showcase a strong technical profile that hospitals want to see in their new employees.

Should I develop all technical skills to be a better candidate?

No, there is no need to  start building all of these technical skills at once. These are just a few examples that will give you directions towards a better looking resume and career prospects. Depending on your education, interests and career path, pick 2 or 3 skills that are relevant and work on them.

In some cases, the software you will be using will look similar with a few additions. Therefore, there’s no need to panic if you switch careers or realise that the industry is not right for you. It’s essential that you understand what’s best for your professional development and improve that skill. Keep your resume updated and make the necessary changes to become the best candidate in 2021.

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