Bootable USB Tools

10 Top Bootable USB Tools for Windows, Mac and Linux

Know what a bootable USB is? Allow me to clarify: With this bootable drive, you can install an operating system on gadgets that don’t have a CD or DVD drive….

CAD Software For Mac

Top 17 Best CAD Software For Mac Users

Although there is a wide range of CAD software available for Linux, the options for Mac are more restricted. Compared to Linux, reliance on cloud-based CAD tools is not an…

Antivirus Software For Mac

Top 15 Best Antivirus Software For Mac Users

Antivirus Software For Mac Users: Since the day I learned about Mac, an Apple product, I’ve known it was safe and secure. It does not need protection against threats like…

Top 5 Mac Video Editor for Beginners [2023 Updated]

Top 5 Mac Video Editor for Beginners [2023 Updated]

Introduction Film and video editing hold the interest of many creative-minded people, and they go with all enthusiasm into learning how to create them. However, this is easier said than…

Easiest way to download youtube videos on Mac

Easiest Way to Download Youtube Videos on Mac

Music and videos have become a main source of entertainment for most people nowadays. Watching and listening to videos keeps all of us entertained especially now when most of us…

How to Import MBOX File Into Mac Mail

How to Import MBOX File Into Mac Mail

Are you looking to import MBOX file into Mac Mail? Then Don’t Worry. Here I have defined the perfect methods by which users can easily open the MBOX file into…

Cursor Frozen Issue

How Do I Fix The Mac Cursor Frozen Issue?

Whereas Devices have simplified many things for us, some things are still not understood. Devices & technology don’t fail to amaze us with every new update, and similarly, they don’t…

How to Run The Latest Software on Old MacBooks

How to Run The Latest Software on Old MacBooks?

Emulators or Windows virtual machine might be the only options if you don’t want to buy a new MacBook model. The early 2010s saw many innovations in the computer market….

MOV File to MP4

How Do I Convert an MOV File to MP4 on macOS

The stock video player on macOS is QuickTime, plus it’s one of the least popular apps that Apple has developed. Such said, up until Sierra, it had one saving grace;…

Print Screen

How to Print Screen on Mac – In 5 Easy Ways

Even if you are a pro user, we are sure you won’t do these print screen tricks on Mac. We have listed all methods to use the screenshot feature on…

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

The Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

If you require to use your Mac like a pro, you’re going to want to know some keyboard shortcuts. So, With keyboard shortcuts, you can perform everyday actions faster. Meanwhile,…


TweakBox App – Jailbreak Alternative for iPhone Users

TweakBox is a top-rated and most popular app store. It is unofficial, plus it contains thousands of apps, games, Cydia tweaks, and much other content, all free and no jailbreak…

PDF on Mac

10 Best Tools to Convert PDF on Mac

PDFs are truly useful because they can be protected, easily shared, and they don’t change format or layout when viewed on different devices. As such, it has become a ubiquitous…

Mac Boots to Black Screen

What to Do When Mac Boots to Black Screen?

Mac not booting up has bothered a lot of Mac users. Sometimes the computer may get stuck on the loading bar, or it may be unable to pass the Apple…