10 E-commerce Trends That You Need To Know In 2021

E-commerce Trends

Do you know that the year 2020 has been the biggest year for e-commerce industry to date? This year has been crazy in every way – thanks to the COVID19. The pandemic affected numerous businesses. For example, the food industry faced a massive loss because of lockdowns. However, some businesses flourished well during the pandemic, e-commerce being one of them. For instance, Amazon has termed this holiday sale as the biggest sale to date!

Now let’s talk about the year 2021. Will the growing trend of e-commerce change next year, as the vaccine is finally on the move? Let’s hope that the food industry will regain its value. However, ecommerce’s growth and value will not go down – they will increase. It is prevalent that people have accepted and adopted the trend of online shopping. It saves time and effort, and the latest technology trends are also making it more fun! e-commerce website solutions are providing a lot of exciting features, increasing customer engagement, and loyalty.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 E-commerce Trends of 2021 that every e-commerce development company must take into consideration:

AR and VR in E-commerce

You might have seen websites and apps that show how the makeup products look on your face in real-time, using the camera. This is an example of augmented reality. AR is becoming one of the hottest trends in e-commerce web design and development. Some e-commerce website designing companies are even providing Virtual Reality (VR) to their customers. Do you want to check a house in detail before actually going to the place for buying? Thanks to VR technology, it is possible now.

Virtual Assistants

The virtual assistants – whether they are voice assistants or Chabot’s, have taken over the e-commerce web solutions by storm. They are more resourceful and always available to shoppers. What’s more? They are more efficient as the users do not have to wait up. Online businesses are also giving them more importance than human resources. These factors make virtual assistant the top trend in 2021 as well.

Omnichannel Shopping

Omni-channel e-commerce is a multichannel approach that focuses on providing a seamless customer experience through all of the sources, whether they are mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or a physical store. Omni-channel shopping is a trend that is here to rule in 2021.

AI-based Personalization and Recommendations

You might have experienced it while shopping from Amazon. When you do a little navigation through the products and start a little buying, the website starts recommending you the products that you like. It seems as if the website is reading your mind! That’s AI working in the background. The machine learning algorithms learn your online behavioral patterns and recommend the products according to the learning. As it has become one of the customer’s favorite features, therefore e-commerce website designing companies usually incorporate it in their solutions.

Headless E-commerce Development

The headless design separates the front end and back end of an e-commerce application. It is becoming a rising trend due to various reasons. This unique architecture offers brands more flexibility in design, customization, and updating. Furthermore, headless e-commerce is also safer as it resists DoS and DDoS attacks. So you are not only getting ease of design, but the website is more secure – what else do you want?

Social Media E-commerce

Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – we see that companies are advertising and selling their products everywhere. If a company does not have a social media presence, it is missing out on a big bunch of potential customers. Social media e-commerce will not only be a big trend in 2021, but it will grow further in later years.


According to a study in 2019, 80% of customers use smartphones for online shopping. This user behavior is not going to change in 2021. It is easy for customers to navigate through the products on their handy devices. Therefore, it must be made sure during e-commerce website designing and development that it is mobile friendly.

Diverse Payment Options

Online businesses cannot grow without providing multiple payment options to consumers. The payment modes aren’t just restricted to PayPal, Google Play, or Apple Pay. Now is the time of crypto-currencies, and many online businesses are implementing transactions of crypto-currency.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become a widely adopted tool by online businesses. It helps to manage various marketing processes smoothly. Not only that, but it also runs campaigns across different channels automatically. e-commerce development services are combined with marketing automation tools to provide online businesses with the best exposure and growth. The automated tools tailor marketing campaigns according to the target audience of online businesses.

Dynamic Pricing

You are familiar with the E-commerce Trends when one brand announces a sale, the competitors do that too. This is a kind of dynamic pricing. It is a pricing technique in which businesses set flexible prices according to current market demands. Dynamic pricing is a trend that is going to stay and rule 2021 as well.

It is evident that the e-commerce industry will grow bigger in the year 2021. e-commerce businesses must adopt the latest trends as soon as possible in order to stay relevant in the market. Whether you need to revamp your website or start an online business – choose the best eCommerce website development company.

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