3 Most In-Demand Majors for Those Into Computers & Technology

Picking the correct major is a very serious task. Some are hesitating up until the very last second before they go through with their choice. Even if you know the general field you want to work in, the specifics of getting in there may still be unclear.

There are several criteria future students use to help them make up their minds. Some go for personal fulfillment, others for high-end salaries. But all of these matter little if you can’t actually land the job of your dreams. That’s where the demand for majors comes into play. When a market needs a particular type of tech professionals it becomes that much easier to figure out your life after you get your degree.

Computers and technology majors make up a particularly needed branch of majors. But even within it, there are some that have an even greater chance of securing the job for its holder than others. Here are some of the most in-demand majors for those looking to work with computers and technology.

Network & System Administration

Network administration is one of those down-to-earth majors that will always be needed. System administrators have for the longest time been the unseen gods of the workplace computer setup. They know it all, they do it all, and they are the ones that fix all of your problems. Here is just a fraction of the duties and responsibilities placed on these versatile specialists:

  • User account administration;
  • Hardware maintenance;
  • Software updates;
  • Network performance monitoring.

The list can go on. And these are just the formal tasks they are expected to perform. The actual span of their jurisdiction transcends any reasonable and unreasonable borders. And that is exactly why people with network & system administration majors are so in-demand these days. They can do almost anyone’s job, but they themselves are extremely hard to replace.

As people are becoming more and more tech-savvy, system administrators tend to have a much easier time keeping up with their duties. Some welcome this change, others miss the good old days of being seen by users as a living incarnation of the machine spirit. But it is unlikely all people will ever achieve the level of technological know-how to put a system administrator out of the job.

If you are looking into getting a network & system administration major, keep in mind that you’ll have to do a whole lot of additional legwork. A good systems administrator is always up to date on the latest technical achievements (at least those relevant to his job). So if you want to become a true professional you will have to spend loads of time self-educating.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the system administration education is easy. Not at all. You will find yourself neck-deep in various assignments. Managing your time efficiently becomes a matter of life and death in this sort of situation.

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed, consider outsourcing some of your written assignments to a reliable essay writing help service as this will hopefully give you enough time to catch your breath, regroup, and jump right back into the fray.

Computer Programing

Computer programming is probably one of the most common majors out there. Yet, despite the fact that there are so many programmers getting their degrees every year, it remains one of the most in-demand majors globally. And there is no sign of it giving up its position any time soon. That’s because of the ungodly amount of applications a programmer’s skill set has.

Computers have found their place in virtually every part of our lives. They are used in communication, finances, entertainment, marketing, security, and thousands of other fields. A computer programmer can apply oneself in every single one of those or maybe even several ones. Once you become proficient with one or two relevant programming languages – there are no closed doors for you.

Information System Security

Information system security is another universal major that will be in demand for as long as computers exist. Many aspects of our lives slowly make their way to the other side of the screen. It all results in people having no choice but to place a lot of trust in their devices. And the information that courses through the digital veins of modern society can be quite sensitive.

Security breaches are not as uncommon as you think. And the aftermath of such a breach can be quite devastating. Moreover, there is no such thing as absolute security. The race for safety never stops.

Hackers constantly look for exploits while system security engineers are patching up the holes in software. All these factors place the information system security major at the top of the list of the most in-demand majors.

Do keep in mind that this field requires a very particular set of aptitudes. A talented security engineer can absolutely land a high-paying job. But it will not be one of those you can just relax at.

It involves a lot of hard work. A very specific kind of work that is virtually impossible to do on a daily basis unless you absolutely adore it. So think twice before you decide whether or not this major is the one for you.

Final Words

Any major that has to do with computers and technology is a very good path to go through. The engines of technological progress are going strong and show no sign of stopping any time soon.

Building your future career around it is a very sound choice that promises financial stability and a lot of room for professional growth. And the abundance of various available sub-fields leaves plenty of space for a maneuver.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that working with machines requires a very specific mindset. You could absolutely acquire and maybe even master all the technical skills required to work in this field. But if you don’t enjoy this type of work then maybe it is not worth forcing yourself to do it. The burnout can set in very quickly, and no money will be able to make things better.

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