5 Benefits of Transcription Services in Business Research

More than ever before, audio and video marketing have become some of the biggest components in the world of building your brand. When you are attempting to get the word out there about your new business, you have to stay in the loop about all of the different trends in the world of advertising.

Your customers are not yours alone. They are constantly viewing content from other businesses who are using the exact same strategy and very similar content to you. So, how do you go about standing out in a sea of view-worthy content? The answer might be more simple than you think.

Did you know that more than 80% of cell phone users choose not to play the audio with any number of videos that they are watching. Most users will pause temporarily to evaluate the content of a video, but will scroll away if they do not see captions that catch their attention quickly.

One of the many tricks that you can add to your toolbox for making your videos available to reach so many more people is the simple act of adding transcription to the video. By doing so, you will set yourself up for the research that is involved in creating high-quality content that is specifically tailored to your audience.

How Do Transcriptions Help My Business

By using transcription software on your content, you will be able to build a bigger and more easy to analyze audience. There are a couple of major insights that you can gain from the various customers who view your content.

  1. You can use a transcription service to document the content. Doing so allows you to turn audio content easily into a blog post or social media post.
  2. Using transcription also makes it easier for you to appear higher in the ranking system of search engines.
  3. Allows anyone with a hearing impairment to view your video and content easily.
  4. Build a bigger audience.
  5. Makes texts searchable. People are able to find information quickly. It also makes it easier to links to allow viewers to find other pages, blog posts, and other content.

The bottom line of all of this is that by using a transcription software or a transcription service, you can build a bigger audience.

Aside from the facts given above, transcription can improve the analysis of your business research data. It is easier to analyze written documents rather than audio or video materials. With transcription, you get a full, accurate transcript of your recorded market research.

The transcript can help you understand customer feedback and trend analysis. You can base your future projections from the accurate data from your non-digital and digital files.

It is easier to collate and analyze written information as you do not need to play and rewind record material. Businesses must always be dynamic and proactive. With plenty of competition crowding the marketplace, it is critical for business owners to stay one or two steps ahead of the game. Thus, it is vital to understand old and emerging market segments, new market niches and target markets, customer profiles, current and new competitors, customer satisfaction, market trends, and new products.

Only from factual and accurate information can you formulate marketing programs, which may require the creation of different content according to consumer demographics or the platforms they use. In the past, marketers have to contend only with advertising on traditional mediums such as newspapers, television, and radio. Today, the range of tools and venues for marketing is diverse, from websites, social media, and even games.

Transcription services work with business and market research to help marketers have a holistic view of customers and their needs, as well as the different markets so that business owners can generate the marketing programs tailored to the target audience they want to attract. What’s more, your data remain safe and secure when you use a transcription service provider.

How Does this Help my Research

For the most part, business research is rooted in analyzing the reactions of your audience. Building a bigger audience is ultimately going to produce more accurate insight into the way that your content is affecting those who look at it. More importantly, these insights will help you understand which content is turning into money and which content needs a little bit more work.

Final Thoughts

Using a transcription service can significantly boost the audience response to your content posted on social media, your blog, or even sent out through an email service. All of the areas of marketing that you tend to hit are important too, but having the closed captioning included for audio and video content is an important factor for many of the people who are reading into and enjoying the content that you share.

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