5 Digital Marketing Lessons To Scale Your Brand In 2021

Digital Marketing Lessons

It is already becoming a ritual to start looking into marketing innovations and trends that we expect to see in the New Year as a year comes to an end. It is safe to say that this is now an essential practice as it helps us review what we have done throughout the year. Did your digital marketing strategies work? Did it give you as many results as you would expect to have throughout the year? What are your plans for the next year? How do you plan to improve your marketing?

All of these questions are legitimate questions that brands have to ask themselves. Then they start to look into lessons that they can learn and strategies that they can adopt for the coming year.

In many ways, what we expected from 2020 wasn’t what we got. Many of us barely scraped through the year with our businesses still intact. However, as business people, we know that we have to quickly put the ghost of 2020 behind us if we’re to progress in the coming year. This is what we’re doing by looking at the top 5 digital marketing lessons to scale your brand in the coming year.

The Growth Of Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing has grown into one of the most common and effective digital marketing strategies in the last few years, some experts still believe that it hasn’t gone far enough, and 2021 might be the year that it explodes. Many big companies and large agencies are taking a keener look at influencers, and there is more reason to believe that it’s only just starting.

Influencer marketing has successfully given brands a wider reach, exposure, identity, and driving more revenue for businesses. Many brands took advantage of this marketing strategy in 2020, especially since most of the audience are online due to enforced lockdown. It is bound to get bigger in 2021, so brands have to start planning and narrowing down their list of influencers to the right one to move the brand forward.

Content Creation; The Evolution

Content creation has continued to evolve for years, and nothing is changing that. There have been different kinds of content taking center stage at various points. So, it is safe to say that content creation is now moving away from text content blocks into video content.

Most internet users now enjoy watching videos than they enjoy reading texts. It’s now common practice for people to choose to watch a video of 5 minutes instead of reading a text of 2 minutes. This love for videos is evident in the massive rise of the video platform Tik Tok this year and the response to Tik Tok videos.

The development of video content in 2021 will be very rapid, and brands will have to adopt the use of short but intensity-packed videos in their marketing.

According to college essay papers, we expect to see numerous experimentation with different content creation types in 2021. Brands will have to look for a way to create exciting content for their audience and something that they can relate to. In the end, there will be a very intrinsic relationship between content and engagement.

Visual Search

We all know of voice search (which is also a digital marketing trend that brands have to look out for), but brands have failed to pay attention to visual search. Fewer Google users are typing in their queries in the search engine by the day, and as voice search, the visual search shows them the results they desire without the long process of typing queries. All they need to do is upload an image to Google; then they can get all the information about that item. For instance, if a user uploads a plant’s image, they get all information about that plant species straightaway.

This trend will soon be more common come 2021, and businesses have to prepare themselves to take advantage of it. To do this, you have to add high-quality images to your website and tag them using descriptive keywords. Ensure your inventory online can search for an image and advertise on Pinterest if your audience uses the platform.

Online Review

Reviews have always been a big part of the business world. It provides customers with the ability to make or break a business. Reviews help you stand out in the market and gain more people’s trust, especially when they come from verified sources.

More customers are keen to leave reviews about the product/service of a brand and their overall experience, and more people look to read reviews of brands before getting involved with them. This will surely increase even further in 2021.

The more reviews a company gets, the more conversions it can make. So, encourage your customers to drop a review for you and add a link where they can write their review. Not all reviews will be great, but having many reviews (mostly positive) is essential.

Mobile Marketing

 It is hard to see a way back for desktops from here. The number of people accessing the web from their desktop continues to fall, and those accessing their mobile devices continue to rise by the year. While you can’t put away desktops, you have to agree that mobile marketing has to be at the top of priority.

Businesses have to focus on providing first-hand user experience for mobile devices, emphasizing navigation for touch-screen, collapsible menus, streamlined navigation, and small text content. Come 2021, brands and brand marketers’ choice should be between focusing on mobile marketing or mobile marketing. Websites that don’t put more resources into achieving a mobile-first will find themselves fall further down on the pecking order.


There’s a lot of optimism going in 2021, especially after the storm of 2020 that many businesses seem to ride through. According to expert opinions, these are some of the top trends that will dominate the world of digital marketing in 2021.

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