5 Free Online Tools to Make Your Work Easier

Free Online Tools

We already talked a lot about those apps that allow us to perform small but important tasks from our tablets or smartphones. But in this article, we are going to focus on the websites that offer free online tools that make our work easier and do not even need us to install anything, just enter the corresponding website and start working.

And this can be very useful if it is about small jobs that you do not do every day and, therefore, it does not justify investing in software, but that when you need it are essential.

For example, for many years, I used almost all Adobe products, mainly Photoshop and illustrator. But when I started with the blog, I hardly used them anymore and, therefore, it made no sense for me to continue paying the license.

That is why for the circumstantial retouching of photos and images, I resorted to those free online tools websites that allow us to solve those little problems online.

Now that I use them again daily, I paid the subscription again. That’s why I keep a folder in the browser’s bookmarks, which in my case, I call Resources, from where I can access those little gems that make my work easier.

1. Record screen: RecordCast


The first online tool you should know about is RecordCast. It is an excellent tool to design screencasts to your liking, recordings of what you want to see on display. The strong points of RecordCast are free and the possibility of acquisition via webcam simultaneously or exclusively with the display.

To be able to take screenshots, you even don’t need to register via Facebook or Email. Once connected, all you have to do is launch the application, accept that the browser uses it and let’s go. All of the options are available for free, and you will already be able to make great screenshot videos. But the duration of the videos in the recording version is limited to 30 minutes, which is a bit short.

RecordCast also hides a very powerful editing tool underneath its simple website. But don’t be fooled because it’s still so user-friendly that you can know how to use it even if you are a layman on video editing.

2. Edit Images: Fotojet


Fotojet is also a fully online photo editing tool. Its “limitation” is that the free version is much more limited than in other applications. It has a potentially intuitive interface to use and has hundreds of tools, filters, or frameworks that will make your editing experience somewhat fleeting and simple.

Fotojet has three main sections: photo editor, Collage, and designer: the photo editor, where you can make use of layer management, editing, retouching, effects, etc. The Collage, which has dozens of predetermined compositions to make your task something totally simple. Designer, which will allow us to create simple and fast works for RRSS, blogs, design, etc.

3. Convert Files: YouConvertit


When you receive a file in a format that you cannot read or when, conversely, you have to give a third party a file, and they do not have an application to open it.

It is very simple to use. To upload your file to that website, you have to select “Choose a file,” which allows you to choose a file from your PC or device, and that’s it. As soon as the file is uploaded, the option “Convert to” and a display of formats appear so that you can choose the one you need.

It should be clarified that depending on the format of the file you upload, and different options will be displayed, which facilitates the choice. The conversion process starts immediately, and in seconds you have your converted file ready and a link (available for 20 minutes) to download to your device.

To check the offer of available formats, you can see in the menu bar the option “Conversion Types,” and it will show you all the available formats for five different categories: E-book formats. Images, music, mp4 video, and file formats.

4. Edit Videos: FlexClip


FlexClip is an online video editor. Like most, it has its paid version, but its free section allows you to make the most practical videos. The program interface is very intuitive and very easy to use, making it perfect for beginner users.

To start using it, you need to register, and you can do it directly with your social networks. Its main menu interface is very reminiscent of another more popular design tool, Canvas. With which you can view all your work quickly.

The free plan allows you to create unlimited video projects, gives you access to all basic editing tools, and lets you export your videos with 480p output resolution without a FlexClip intro! (There will be a FlexClip intro if you use the stock footage, which I thought is reasonable.) You can upgrade to Plus or Business for just $ 7.99 per month or $ 19.99 per month, respectively, to gain access to your stock library and download your videos at higher resolutions.

5. Compress Images: TinyPNG


TinyPNG optimizes JPG files and does so fully automatically. For me, this is also the biggest advantage of the free online tools. No settings, no agony of choice, just upload the corresponding image, have it optimized, and download the result again. In the normal scope, the whole thing is completely free.

TinyPNG delivers very good results without me having to deal with the type of compression. The free online tool does that for me. However, preferred for PNG files. Because even if TinyPNG works with JPG files, the compression there is often not extensive enough for me, which means that the file is smaller, but not small enough for my taste. The latter is also due to the fact that TinyPNG should not experience any noticeable loss of quality. In my opinion, this is often not a problem with JPGs if the file loses half its size again.

How about you? Do you have any other free online tools not included in this list, and would like to highly recommend them? Let us know which free online tools you like in the comments below!

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