5 New Tech Developments You Should Know About

Tech Developments

Technology has been the major source of much of civilization’s progress. From the times of the ancient Romans to the digitally connected world of today, new breakthroughs in technology have been at the forefront of progress that has improved the lives of millions of people. If you want to understand where society and mankind are headed, examining emerging technologies and technological trends can help give you an idea of what the near future could hold. Below are five new tech developments you should know about.

Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the biggest technological trend in 2021 will be the further development and application of artificial intelligence or AI for short. AI involves the use of supercomputers that can crunch numbers and make logical associations at a level never seen before. This has lead to the development of machine learning in which the software has the ability to learn much like a human does but with much more accuracy and speed. Currently, AI is being developed that will be able to more accurately plot out how disease spreads to help prevent the next pandemic. It will also certainly be used by businesses to help predict consumer trends based on past data. The possibilities for the application of AI are nearly endless.

Lithium Tri-borate

Another trend to watch for in 2021 will be the further use of a kind of crystal known as lithium tri-borate. The market for lithium tri-borate has been forecast to grow at a high rate in 2021. This crystal is used in certain kinds of lasers due to its ability to produce “frequency doubling” or second harmonic generation. People also buy lithium tri-borate (lbo) crystals due to their high durability, high damage threshold, and low absorption rate as compared to other crystals and materials. As such, these crystals are used in a variety of different applications in industry, the military, the medical field, optical communication, and many other sectors. As the use of lasers increase, so will the use of lbo crystals.


Something else that will make a big splash in 2021 is 5G. 5G, in this instance, refers to the fifth generation of the broadband cellular network. 5G is, of course, replacing the already extremely advanced 4G mobile networks. The biggest upgrade will be in terms of the download speeds, upload speeds, and bandwidth allotted to individual mobile users. Internet use on mobile devices will suddenly see a great spike in regards to what is possible on these devices. Businesses will be able to provide a better internet experience especially in regards to things like video streaming and mobile gaming. As the coverage for 5G networks expand throughout 2021, so will the almost limitless possibilities for mobile internet users.


The increased use of drones is something else that will certainly be a big part of 2021’s technological developments. The pandemic has forced many companies to consider developing new ways in which products can be delivered to customers with as little human interaction as possible. Amazon, for one, has been developing a drone delivery program in which customers’ purchases are delivered directly to their homes via propeller equipped drones. While this may seem expensive at first, the use of delivery drones would actually be far cheaper than the amount of gasoline that must be purchased to fuel the company’s endless fleet of delivery trucks. As such, the negative impact on the environment for shipping and delivery could be slashed as well if drones do indeed become a bigger part of the market.

The Self-Driving Car

While it has been talked about for some time now, the autonomous self-driving car is likely to make a much bigger impact in 2021. Models produced by companies like Tesla and Google are likely to see their introduction into the market after multiple years of testing. While it will take a while for self-driving cars to supplant human-driven vehicles, the beginning of the absolute transformation of how people travel and commute will begin in 2021.

Technology is the driver of progress for human civilization. As technology changes, the way people live changes as well. Oftentimes, this is for the better thanks to the great benefits provided by new and improved technology. The list above is only a starting point for the different technologies that will likely change the world forever in 2021.

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