5 Predominant Mobile App Development Trends for 2021

Mobile App Development Trends

Technology has experienced a meteoric transformation over the past few years. These devices were comparatively simpler back then. Their main and only use was to help their users communicate with their friends and family. But now, it’s like you are carrying a mini computer with you, that you can access easily.

You might refer to the recent evolution of devices as the Technological Big Bang. The process increased smartphone functions along with features. Which not only shifted our livelihoods but evolved the way we carry out certain actions. As a response, human beings started using these devices even more consistently. The chain was carried further by knowledgeable and creative developers who were invested in developing intricate mobile applications. That was the epitome of the mobile industry. From there started the New Age. An era that exhibits the potential of artificial intelligence and mere software and systems. But to keep up with the consistent development it is also important that one keeps in touch with trends as well.

That is where we come to help. Here are 5 predominant trends that are going to be ruling over the mobile industry in 2021.

Ascendant Trends Linked to Mobile App Development

1. Artificial Intelligence is ‘IT’

As per this research that was carried out in 2019 by Garter, there has been an increase of around 300% in AI investment as compared to previous years. This also emphasized on how the use of AI will only be increasing in the coming years.

By the utilization and implementation of advanced analytics along with cognitively enhanced interfaces within complex and intricate systems, followed by technology that is focused on machine learning; AI will be leading businesses to a whole new range of outcomes. These systems are going to provide businesses with information on different areas that had not been available to them previously.

Due to these insights, the big bees like Facebook and Google will establish startups solely based on artificial intelligence and machine based learning. It will be somewhat similar to Google Assistant but more advanced and result oriented, focusing on building direct links to everything.

2. Mobile Applications That Will Be Cloud Driven

You might have heard of cloud technology, everyone has. It has become an integral part of our lives or rather a collective force that runs most systems. When it comes to mobile app development trends, cloud computing has managed to establish itself within mobile applications. And that is how and why we experience efficient mobile apps that function by fetching data from the cloud without taking space from the device’s internal memory.

Have you heard of Google Drive and OneDrive? Now that is just the tip of the iceberg, it goes deeper than that. As per the research that was carried out by Cisco, cloud applications drive 90% of the data within mobile phones. The annual growth rate noticed in 2019 was as high as 60%. That has also been expected to grow over time.

The main focus of this trend would be to influence and inspire mobile app developers and mobile game app development company to prepare cloud driven applications.

3. Boost of Enterprise Mobile Applications

The main focus of an enterprise mobile application is to co-operate a business, redefine it along with streamlining different business-related processes; enabling brands to get past crucial procedures on the go. In contrast to that, micro applications are helpful for carrying out smaller processes that take less load. Both applications are expected to make an impact in the coming year and are utilized as Evernote applications.

Most enterprise-related mobile apps are Evernote, especially since they have been affiliated with projects that can be catered through mobile devices. Similarly, when it comes to micro applications; Facebook messenger is an incredible example of a micro application since it is oriented towards a certain task.

A survey that was carried out by Adobe states that about 77% of the brand owners are focused on establishing enterprise applications. And that has to lead the enterprise app market to generate a revenue of $430 billion by 2021.

4. Eyeing Security Applications

According to Garter, 75% of mobile applications often fail security tests. Another study states that 70.6% of applications have access to auxiliary storage and more than 90% of the applications include sign-in methods. With the increase in security concerns. Hackers have managed to ground themselves by exploiting commonly known security gaps within mobile applications.

This allows them to gain access to sensitive data and information that can be misused. Which emphasizes the need to develop more security applications to protect devices and their application functions.

Leading to a highly possibly prediction where security applications will be one of the leading trends in the year 2021. To prepare for it beforehand you can utilize JavaScript frameworks that will help you develop safe and secure mobile applications based on your requirements and objectives.

5. The Rise of ChatBots

Chatbots at a basic level are applications that mimic the human ways of communication in order to assist users with processes whilst ensuring to match their requirements. There are different kinds of chatbots that you might already know of. One of them goes by the name Alexa while the other one is known as Siri, everyone knows about that one.

Chatbots are among one of the highest mobile app trends in 2020 which will not be the end of it. The trend will carry itself to 2021 as well, with an improved and enhanced interactive experience. Which makes it evident that normal application interfaces are just not doing it at this point. To improve user experiences, chatbots are required.

The innovation of chatbots allows brands to interact with their consumers in a seamless and humanlike manner. One does not require a customer support team when they can simply opt for a chatbot application to do all the required work for them.

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