5 Ways to Small-Talk to Build Connections

Build Connections

Small talk is the key to avoiding the possibility of awkwardly and uncomfortably sitting in the corner of a room among other people, counting the minutes ticking by, or feeling nervous with the strangers you encounter, hoping to just make it through without feeling too uncomfortable.

Small talk is a lifelong skill that will help you create the business connections you desire to build the business you want. Here are five ways to ace small talk:

#Technique 1: Focus on Shared Interests

As you banter topics back and forth during your small talk sessions, you’re going to eventually (hopefully) land on a topic of common interest between you and the person you’re conversing with. Hurray, you’ve scored a topic you can talk about. This isn’t going to happen to everyone, though, because let’s face it, there are some people with whom, no matter how hard you try, you’re just somehow not on the same wavelength. Don’t worry; this is perfectly normal. With billions of people out there in the world, you’re bound to encounter this occasionally.

When you do land on a topic of common interest during your small talk sessions, focus on that because it’s much easier to make a connection, and deepen that connection, when you’re both animatedly bonding over something you’re interested in. It’s definitely a lot more personal than talking about the weather; that’s for sure. Start your small talk sessions with the aim of finding a common or shared interest, and make that your goal right from the beginning. In other words, begin your small talk with a purpose in mind. It will help you stay focused on what you’re trying to do, instead of aimlessly just winging it.

#Technique 2: Keep it Positive

People are put off by negativity. Wouldn’t you be? Nobody wants to engage in small talk with someone who’s constantly complaining about everything. That aura of negativity isn’t something anyone wants to be around. If you’d not like being around someone like that, don’t be guilty of doing the same thing.

If you’re engaging in small talk with someone, keep it positive. If all you can do is complain and whine, you’re going to put people off, and they’ll quickly lose interest in prolonging the small talk with you. If you’re having a bad day and need to blow off a little steam, it’s best not to engage in small talk with anyone if your head isn’t in the right place. Small talk isn’t the place for you to vent your feelings. If you’re having an off day, but you know you’re going to have to engage in some important small talk later, find a way to relax and calm your nerves, clear your mind, and lift your spirits again. Always keep it positive. It’s very important to be friendly, upbeat, and cheerful when you’re small-talking with anybody, so they leave with a good first impression about you.

#Technique 3: Dress Right

Like it or not, dressing the part is all in the game of getting people to notice you. Dress right, and you’ll make heads turn. Dress right, and people will take you seriously. Dress right, and it will help open doors. But then, why does dressing right help in small talk? Well, imagine showing up to a business cocktail event in a hoodie and jeans when everyone else is dressed in a suit or evening wear. Everyone else made an effort to dress up and look presentable, so why not you? If you’re worried you may not look and feel right in a suit, then wear https://www.confidencebodywear.com/product/gynecomastia-nipple-covers/ or compression clothing, which will enable you to fit properly into your shirt, giving you the confidence to pull off a sleek suit.

#Technique 4: Let Your Conversation Partner do The Teaching

Small talk isn’t just a great way to make a new connection. It’s also a great opportunity to learn something new. Some people love sharing the things they know, especially if they feel like they could teach something in the process. If you’re not familiar with a topic that your conversation partner would like to talk about, don’t be afraid to admit it. You’d be surprised at just how eager they would be to teach you about it most of the time.

People love to talk about themselves. They want to know that there are people out there just like you who take a keen interest in them and what they have to say. Besides, it gives you a chance to ask insightful questions, which opens the door for the conversation to develop into something more meaningful.

#Technique 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Small talk shouldn’t be just something you fall back on when it could be beneficial for you, meaning you shouldn’t only try to engage in small talk when there’s a need to, such as during important events, functions, or client meetings. If you only make an effort to engage in small talk during those moments, it will take you a while to improve your skills because you wouldn’t have had enough of the practice that you need.

Instead, make it a point to practice small talk with everyone you meet. It could be the doorman at your apartment, the person waiting for you at the bus stop, someone you’re riding the elevator with, or even the person next to you as you’re queueing for your morning cup of coffee. There are plenty of opportunities to make small talk with just about everyone, even the little encounters we may make on a daily basis. These moments are perfect opportunities to practice your small talk skills, and with each encounter, you’d learn how to improve and what you could do better. That way, when the time comes for those really big events, you’ll able to ace it like a pro because you’ve already had plenty of practice.

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