6 Best Examples of Interactive Content in Emails

With billions of people using email and billions of emails being sent daily, the popularity and demand of email is an undisputed fact. If you are a business owner, chances are you have had an email marketing campaign or are working on one right now.

But email marketing is a broad spectrum, and doing it right requires a lot of effort and knowledge. Starting from choosing the best email signature generator to ensuring your email content is interactive is all equally important. What exactly do we mean by interactive content?

As the term suggests, interactive content in the email, including anything a customer or prospect can click, swipe, or interact with. And, why are marketers making this a part of their email marketing campaign? Because interactive content in emails can increase click-to-open rate by 73%.

Given that the ultimate goal of email marketing campaigns is to boost click-through rates, integrating interactive content in your email marketing campaign is key to the campaign’s success. Here is a list of 6 best examples of interactive content in emails that you should consider while building your email marketing campaign.

Email Signatures                    

Email signatures are a great place to include interactive content in emails. In fact, much of the content in email signatures are interactive because it can lead your readers to your website, social media, events, and so on.

There are some good free email signature options and paid versions too, if you want more interactive features. Given that an email signature is like an electronic business card, integrating interactive content within an email signature is fitting. If you are writing to a customer or a prospect and they open your email, they will want to learn more about you and your brand.

In this process, interactive content, beyond a website and social media links, like banners of promotional activities, can attract attention and desired results.

Quizzes and Surveys

The rise in interactive content in email has given rise to companies that specialize in this as well. But, you don’t need a specialist to integrate quizzes and surveys to your email marketing campaign. Integrating quizzes and surveys results in an increase in clicks and higher conversion rates.

The fundamental advantage of interactive content in emails is that it boosts engagement and ultimately helps with lead generation. Quizzes and surveys, in particular, are a fun way of increasing this engagement. In email marketing, customers are often asked for feedback through a survey or quiz.

This can help you find out integral information like customer preferences in a fun and interactive manner. So, do not miss out on this opportunity.

Radio Buttons

While creating interactive email content, your email marketing campaign can include things like image galleries and switch colors of texts. This is where radio buttons become handy. In fact, radio buttons have the ability to make an email appear like a micro website.

Email developers and marketers often use radio buttons to switch the colors of an email, or as a way for a user to choose an item from a list. This feature gives the designers an option to mix up the content in a way that is different from things like newsletters. Given that radio buttons are designed to make content interactive, it can also be a great way to highlight existing and upcoming events or features.


By incorporating HTML and CSS in email marketing, marketers have more leeway to create interactive content. As a result, things like tooltips are no longer restricted to websites and apps. Just like radio buttons, tooltips make email marketing content interactive and more like micro websites.

For example, retail companies can share images with tooltips to elaborate on product details and prices. Essentially, the purpose of tooltips is to focus on visual content and let written content or details expand after an interaction.

It can also work as a great way to announce upcoming events and ongoing promotions. Tooltips ensure your email design is clean and allows you to place emphasis on the things you need to.

Embedded Videos or Gifs

In case you just hosted a steller webinar and you think you could have a wider reach, or if you have any other video or GIF content, this is a great example of interactive content in emails. A video in your email can increase the open rate and your click-through rate or CTR.

Source: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/guides/video-in-email/

In fact, embedding a video in your email can increase your CTR by 65% and reduces unsubscription rates. A higher CTR and reduced unsubscription mean more engagement, and more people are likely to make a buying decision with your brand. For example, videos need to be short; long videos are large files and are not supported by email platforms. You need to be mindful of audience attention span and file sizes supported by most devices to make sure you get desired results.


Another great example of interactive email content is gamification or interactive games that don’t require lots of complicated coding like games with rollover effects. The goal of gamification is to encourage interaction and, ultimately, a buying decision.

For example, a simple promo code gamification can encourage your customers and prospect to purchase a product or service you are promoting. Gamification integration without rollover effects can be quick and easy to build and yield desired engagement. An average American consumes 74 gigabytes of data per day. Given that interactive emails are a little more data-heavy in comparison to static content, this is great news for features like gamification, which has the ability to instantly attract consumers and prospects.

Interactive content has the ability to improve your bottom line. 20% of limited emails were opened, and 57% of interactive emails were opened. This simple statistic proves that integrating interactive content within your email marketing campaign will improve engagement.

Given that interactive content has disproportionately higher engagement, it can truly redefine your bottom line. Basically, it is not just the content but how you package it too. Keep these 6 best examples of interactive content in an email in mind while creating your next email marketing campaign and generate desired engagement.

Try all of these and focus on things that your customers enjoy the most and tailor-make your email marketing campaign. Remember, interactive can be fun and valuable for both the customers and businesses.

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