7 Best NPS Tools in 2021

NPS tools

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a useful way of measuring Customer Satisfaction in terms of loyalty. In recent years, it has become a common practice for companies all around the world to measure NPS using NPS Surveys.

NPS is measured by asking a simple question — how likely are you to recommend this brand to their friends and colleagues? This is rated on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means ‘Not at all likely to recommend’ and 10 means ‘Most Likely to recommend’. This Ultimate Question is one in all as the customers can never recommend a brand to their friends and family if they are themselves not happy with their experience with that brand.

On the basis of responses, the Net Promoter Score Calculation is done by subtracting the number of detractors (those customers who rated from 0 to 6) from the number of promoters (who rated 9 or 10). Higher the NPS, the better it is.

Selecting the Right NPS Survey Tool for Measuring NPS

Nowadays, there are a number of tools available in the market which help you to measure NPS. From creating and sending NPS surveys to measuring the Net Promoter Score through the NPS Calculator, these tools assist you with everything you need to conduct and an NPS survey tools and find your Net Promoter Score.

Selecting the right NPS software among them is tricky. You have to consider all the features of the software and ensure that it gives you what you require. The NPS Software you select should:

  • Help you create customized NPS surveys
  • Help you send surveys through multiple channels
  • Help you send surveys to multiple people easily and quickly
  • Provide you real-time feedback
  • Provide instant alerts for detractors
  • Help you Close the Feedback Loop effectively
  • Help you calculate NPS easily with Advanced NPS Calculator
  • Help you integrate other software and tools to make your work easier

Here, we are sharing valuable information about the 7 Best NPS Tools that you should consider while selecting the best for yourself.

  1. Zonka Feedback
  2. SurveySparrow
  3. Qualtrics
  4. Wootric
  5. Zendesk
  6. AskNicely
  7. Hotjar

Let’s explore these software along with their features, ratings and prices.

1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is one of the Best NPS Survey Software available in the market to create and send NPS Surveys and measure, analyze and grow Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score. Let’s see what this software has for you:

  • Advanced level customization that allows you to create your surveys in your own design and style.
  • The Omnichannel software allows you to send surveys through multiple channels like email, SMS, online, web popup, web widget, tablets and kiosks.
  • The software works very well offline as well. It keeps running smoothly even without internet connection and saves the data for days, and syncs all collected data as soon as it gets internet connectivity.
  • NPS follow up questions with logics according to the selected scores.
  • The software also helps to measure eNPS and other metrics like CSAT and CES.
  • The software is powered with a lot of filters that help you segment your feedback data and prepare different types of reports.
  • Robust NPS reports like NPS Meter Report, Trends Report, Location-based NPS and Text Analytics report with deep analysis.
  • You also get custom alerts which means you can customize what type of alerts you wish to receive instantly, like for a negative feedback or a score above 7 or below 4 or anything.
  • It has an in-built NPS Calculator where you can yourself calculate NPS at any time.
  • Zonka Feedback is famous among its customers for its ease of use. It has also recently added a lot of integrations which help you to integrate with a lot of tools and work seamlessly thereby making life easier.

Ease of Use: 4.9/5

Review Score: 4.8/5

Support Options: Email, chat and Help Centre

NPS Survey Channel: SMS, Email, Web, Online, iPhone/iPad, Android Tablets/kiosks,

Integrations: Zapier, Twilio, Plivo, custom APIs and Webhooks.

Pricing: $24/month – Essential Plan

$79/month – Professional Plan

$169/month – Growth Plan

$429/month – Enterprise Plan

Free Trial Available: Yes, 15 days

2. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is also a good NPS Survey Software that is built to help you decode customers’ sentiments and gather customer insights about their loyalty towards your brand. Here is what you get in this software

  • In-depth analysis of customer persona to manage follow ups
  • Custom follow-up questions with detractors, promoters and passives
  • Survey distribution channels are SMS, Email, In-app only.
  • Has Sentiment Analysis feature to decode customer sentiments with Wordcloud to understand loyalty.
  • Assign tickets to employees to close the feedback loop. Track the status of the tickets with assignment, investigation and resolution.
  • Set rules for receiving alerts for instance, you can set it to give you alerts of the NPS ratings less than 5, so that you can take action immediately.
  • Survey Throttling feature available to ensure no customer is surveyed after a certain period. For instance, you enter 60 days in this feature for some customers, they won’t be sent a survey till two months.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Review Score: 4.4/5

Support Options: Online and Help Centre

NPS Survey Channel: Emails, SMS, In-App

Integrations: Zapier, Workflows, APIs and Webhooks.

Pricing: Starting Price – $19/month

Plans:  Business – $149/month

NPS – $249/month (Exclusive for NPS Survey only)


Elite – Custom Personalised Quote

Free Trial Available: Yes, 14 days

3. Qualtrics


Qualtrics is another Customer Experience Management platform available in the market which claims to be a simple, powerful and flexible platform to engage your customers. Here is what it holds for you and how you can utilize it:

  • Measure NPS and collect Customer Feedback through apps, websites, emails, SMS, chat bots etc.
  • The software is powered by an in-built feature called Qualtrics iQ, which is a predictive intelligence engine for the masses powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. It helps in predicting the consumer behaviour through statistical analysis of customers’ sentiments. It makes predictive intelligence accessible through Text iQ (text analysis), Driver iQ (analyses your experience data to find what can drive your business), Stats iQ (predicts through statistical data analysis and trends), Predict iQ (predicts customers at risk through analysing consumer behaviour) and Voice iQ (predicts on the basis of customers’ sentiments on conversations).
  • Embed Customer Experience throughout your organization so that everybody can see the customer insights and take action on it.

Ease of Use: 4.4/5

Review Score: 4.7/5

Support Options: Live chat, online, webinar and in-person training

NPS Survey Channel:

Integrations: Full CRM Integration, apps and messengers

Pricing: Not Available

Free Trial Available: Yes, enables you collect 100 responses for free, no expiration date.

4. Wootric


Wootric calls itself a ‘modern software for CX champions’ and designed for high response rates. Let’s see what it has for you:

  • The software has a unique feature of building ‘NPS Microsurveys’ designed especially for high response rates. Microsurveys are short surveys designed to capture feedback from even the busiest people at the right time.
  • The software is multi-channel (collect feedback and NPS response through the app, website, via email, SMS, or intercom chat), multi-language and global.
  • Instant NPS analysise. you can review your rolling average NPS and response counts over time. You can also analyze NPS among different segments of your customers divided on the basis of geography, platform, or purchase size.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Review Score: 4.6/5

Support Options: Online, customer support during business hours

NPS Survey Channel: Web, mobile, email, and SMS.

Integrations: CRM Integration and workflows

Pricing & Plans: Essential: $89/month

Pro: $224/month

Custom plans for Enterpriese available

Free Trial Available: Yes, 30-days free trial for Pro level plan

5. Zendesk


Calling themselves as ‘Champions of Customer Service’, Zendesk claims to be quick to implement, easy to use, and scale to fit your needs. Let’s explore what it holds for you:

  • Free follow-up question for NPS with a space for detailed feedback without a word limit to let your customers vent their frustrations and enable you to dig deeper into the reason for their NPS ratings.
  • Displays NPS ratings and comments are displayed on their user profiles so that you and your team can see the ratings tailor your conversations according to the customers’ sentiments.
  • Multilingual software supports over 40 languages and supports upto 300 brands, products, tiers or regions centralized at a single location within a single account.

Ease of Use: 4.3/5

Review Score: 4.3/5

Support Options: Online, 24/7 Customer Care support

NPS Survey Channel: Web, iPhone,iPad, Android.

Integrations: Email Integration, Social Media Integration

Pricing & Plans: $5/month starting price.

Support Plans : Essential: $5 per agent per month

Team: $19 per agent per month

Professional: $49 per agent per month

Enterprise: $99

Elite: $199 per agent per month

Support Suite Plans: Professional: $89

Enterprise: $149

Custom-built plans also available

Free Trial Available: Yes

6. AskNicely


AskNicely claims to be the World Class NPS software to collect and act on Customer Feedback, every day and track your Net Promoter Score to improve customer experience. Let’s explore what it does for you:

  • You can also request feedback after specific events and store the customer responses in your CRM.
  • Role-based dashboards and team collaboration tools enable real-time accountability within your teams. Enable automated review requests and boost Google ranking.
  • Real-time feedback on every screen like desktop, mobile, app, TV, Salesforce and Slack.

Ease of Use: 4.6/5

Review Score: 4.6/5

Support Options: Online, Customer Care support during Business Hours

NPS Survey Channel: Web, iPhone,iPad, Android, email, SMS

Integrations: Email Integration, Zapier. APIs and 40 in-built integrations

Pricing & Plans: Three plans – Feedback, Frontline+ Insights and Custom Solutions. But prices not Provided by the vendor.

Free Trial Available: Yes, 14 days

7. Hotjar


Hotjar is also one of the hot running software to measure Customer Loyalty and grow your business through NPS. Let’s explore what you get here:

  • Visual responses to look at the NPS trending up and down in real-time. You can also toggle between the ‘Last 30 days’, ‘Last 90 days’, ‘Last 180 days’ or ‘Last 12 months’ settings to get a wider look at how your NPS is trending.
  • Hotjar’s Personal basic plan is free where you can create on-demand manual reports, get 2000 pageviews, create 3 snapshot heatmaps and snapshot recordings upto 100 per day(store upto 300), send and store 3 surveysand heatmap and recordings data for 3665 days.

Ease of Use: 4.6/5

Review Score: 4.7/5

Support Options: Online

NPS Survey Channel: Website, email

Integrations: Salesforce, Slack, Promoter API, Zapier, Segment

Pricing & Plans: Personal basic Plan – Free and Plus Plan – $39/month

Business Plan – $99/month and Advanced – $199/month

Free Trial Available: Yes, 15 days

Author: Nikhil Dawer

Experienced Content Writer and Strategist, been in the IT Industry from last 3+ Years. Associated with the Zonka Feedback. Passionate about writing customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer feedback, and net promoter score.

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