9 Study Apps That Will Be Your Saving Grace at College

Students find it hard to cope with the burden that they face at college. As soon as the information became easily available and accessible, academic pressure has also started growing disproportionally. Today’s education is largely associated with an endless stream of assignments, projects, discussions, and exams. Students physically lack time to comply with all tasks.

However, such a situation has also contributed to the development of creativity and innovation. Former students do their best to help younger generations handle their student duties better. For this purpose, hundreds of study apps are being created now. Some of them will fade while others will really serve their mission and become popular. One of the good hints is to read comments about the service that you want to use. For example, as on PaperWriter reviews.

We’ve prepared for you a review on the best apps similar to the EssayPro review on the best essay writing services so that you could be aware of the little helpers you have at your disposal:

My Study Life

This app is available on any device with iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. It is designed to help you store the most important information for your exams, classes, and homework on the cloud and manage them anywhere at any time. If you happen to lose your Internet connection, you will still be able to access those files offline.

One of the greatest features this app has is the ability to set up alarms and notifications on your deadlines. Thus, you can clearly see the assignments that are due as well as manage any scheduling conflicts you may have. The app is absolutely free of charge.


If you happen to look for mind-mapping software, we highly recommend XMind to you. This study app is great if you need to succeed with idea management and researching. In addition, it can help you with filtering information that does not fit your initial goals.

The app is offered in different versions. Only the most basic is free of charge. However, there is a great opportunity to subscribe to XMind for only $35/year as a student. With this app, you’ll definitely improve your organizational and other skills. It is likely to positively affect your grades for various projects.

Dragon Anywhere

This app is recognized as one of the best dictation software on the market. You can dictate something into your device, and it will immediately turn into an easy to share file. You can also record your lecturer speaking so that you could always have all the notes at hand.

The app is pure perfection. It automatically switches off when there is silence for 20 seconds. At the same time, it keeps recording as long as you or your teacher are speaking. You can create your own dictionary for the words that are frequently spoken. Also, you can edit lists of your recordings as you see fit to get the most information from them.


This is another famous note taking app that is multi-functional. It will literally help you with lots of assignments if you learn to use it. The most basic function of Evernote is to make all your notes and schedules streamlined. You can also enhance the quality of note taking by diversifying its format. For example, links, attachments, and even audio recordings are available to add.

You can try this app for free. However, you’ll get pretty limited opportunities for uploads and synchronization. However, if you check the paid accounts, you’ll see how helpful this app is for students. By the way, you can count on a student discount of 50% on the premium account.


No student will do without proper scanning software on their smartphone. Taking pics does not always fit the purpose. Yet, if you have ScannerPro on your device, you’ll never have a problem with sharing your paper files with your teachers and friends.

ScannerPro allows you to scan multiple book pages in a library, saving lots of your pocket money. What’s great is that this app recognizes texts on photos, making them searchable. Also, this app perfectly integrates with Evernote, so you can have your scan copiers uploaded directly into it. And all of this with a one-time fee of $4.

iStudiez Pro Legend

If your major concern is organizing studies efficiently and having it all under control, this app is definitely something you’ve been looking for. It allows synchronizing across multiple platforms and clouds, so you will literally keep a record of every deadline you have.

The app allows setting notifications and alarms as well as integrates with Google Calendar, so you’ll definitely have all your errands organized. It is free of charge for iPhone users and owners of Android devices.

Chegg Prep

The best about study apps is that some of them can really help you memorize things. The organization, note taking, etc. are great but you need to learn stuff to succeed on your exam. Chegg Prep Flashcards are the best app for this.

You can create flashcards for every subject. These will help you memorize answers or some critical factual information. You can access them anytime and anywhere. There are lots of ready-to-go flashcard decks available.


This life saving app is a top choice for many students around the world. RefMe is free of charge and has millions of users. It helps to deal with one of the most daunting and tedious parts of the essay writing process – referencing.

All you need to do is to scan a book’s barcode with your camera and the app will automatically create a reference for you. You can choose the format you need and copy that citation in your paper.


This is another app that helps in organizing your thoughts and remembering things. SimpleMind is a leader in cross-platform tools aimed at organizing your ideas the way you see fit. Moreover, it allows for creating visual representations that help to memorize things.

Also, you can add as many images, recordings, memos, and videos to your maps as you need. The more detailed your mind map looks, the better you can prepare for your class or exam. The app has a free version as well as a few paid packages with extended features.

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