How To Activate MetroPCS Phone For Free?

Activate MetroPCS Phone

T-Mobile owns Metro Personal Communication Service, an American wireless service provider. It provides numerous inexpensive prepaid wireless plans. For a single line, the unlimited network plans start at $50 per month. Adding extra lines to your account will result in a price decrease. To enjoy MetroPCS service for the first time or to add additional lines, you must activate your MetroPCS phone or SIM card. The MetroPCS service may be activated via the official website or by calling customer service.

How To Easily Activate MetroPCS On Phone Via MetroPCS Website?

Follow the steps below to activate your device if you are a new MetroPCS service.

1 – Open the SIM Card Slot on your iOS or Android phone.

2 – Insert the new MetroPCS SIM card and close the slot.

3 – Then, record the IMEI number of your mobile device. Well, the IMEI number is located on the back of the mobile device’s packaging. If you cannot discover the IMEI number, dial *#06# on your phone.

4 – Go to the website on your device’s web browser. 

5 – Scroll down and hit the button labeled Activate your phone.

6 – On the following screen, provide the required information, including your Name, Address, and a secure PIN for your account. Ensure that the PIN has eight digits.

7 – After entering the required information, hit the Continue button.

8 – Enter the IMEI number of your phone and the SIM card number into the corresponding boxes.

9 – Next, pick the Next button to continue.

10 – Two options will be provided under the title Phone. Choose your favorite choice and a purchasing plan.

11 – Go to the Add-ons section and choose the desired add-on to incorporate new functionality.

12 – Lastly, tap the Continue button. 

13 – To activate MetroPCS SIM on your phone, click the checkbox and then the Continue option again.

How To Easily Activate MetroPCS Through Customer Care?

If you’re an existing MetroPCS user, you can activate the device by following the instructions below.

1 – Dial 1-888-8Metro8 (188-863-8768) from a different phone. Not from the phone that you wish to activate.

2 – The customer service representative will answer the phone. Include your name, address, and the ESN or MEID number associated with your phone.

3 – Following the customer care representative’s instructions, complete the activation procedure.

Well, if you already have an activated MetroPCS account and wish to activate the service on a new phone, you must exchange the SIM card for activating the MetroPCS service on the new phone. In addition to the abovementioned options, you may activate MetroPCS by visiting a Metro by T-Mobile shop. You must seek assistance at the closest retailers or service centers. A staff member will assist with the MetroPCS SIM Card activation process.


How To Easily Activate The New MetroPCS SIM Card O My Phone?

You may activate the new MetroPCS SIM card on the Metro by T-mobile activation page.

Is There A MetroPCS Activation Fee?

MetroPCS charges no activation fees.

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