Apps Every Traveller Needs in 2021

Apps every traveller needs

Today’s technologies have made our lives much more convenient. From being able to order weekly groceries through your smart speaker, to ordering household items at the tap of a button on the likes of Amazon Prime. However, one area where technology has really improved our lives is travel.  While just over a decade ago, people had to balance paper maps on the wheel to navigate the road while driving, today’s range of apps have made every part of travelling much easier.

Right now, many of us are itching to get travelling again, in which now is the ideal time to get planning and organized for your next trip. Below are the top 5 apps that you should download in preparation for your next adventure.

Travel Amenities – Lounge Buddy

 One of the most important aspects of travelling is to make sure you’re travelling as comfortably as you can, even when on a tight budget. As many frequent flyers will understand, hanging around in the airport for your flight, or waiting around for a flight connection can make or break the start of your holiday, especially if you’re weary from travelling and don’t fancy hauling your 6kg bag around from one end of the airport to the other to look for amenities.

Lounge Buddy is a handy app that shows you what lounges are available in any designated airport. If you have any memberships, the app allows you to input your details and it will then show you if there are any lounges in that airport that you can enter. In addition, if you don’t have any airline or lounge memberships then the app with conveniently show you if there are any lounges where you can by a one-time pass. This can really be worth it as many lounges offer complimentary food and drinks, as well as close by amenities such as showers, changing facilities and sometimes-even beds to rest your eyes for a few hours.

Accommodation – Airbnb

Choosing a place to stay for your vacation can be tricky, especially in the summer when places are booked up quickly and prices can sky rocket. One solution is Airbnb, an app that provides accommodation that’s between a hotel and a bnb and is a great alternative solution if you’re looking for flexible and affordable travel. Airbnb allows property owners to list their accommodation as holiday rentals, giving you the chance to have a more authentic experience amongst the local people.

There’s a range of options for everyone’s budget, from a room in someone’s house, to a whole private property with a pool. There are also some unusual options on there too, including a cave house, and even up-scale rooms in a castle.

 Entertainment – Gaming App

 Got a long journey ahead of you? Why not get prepared for you journey by downloading a gaming app that will keep your mind occupied until you reach your destination? A game of online poker at 888poker can last a few hours and will keep you entertained for the main part of your journey. What’s more, the game is very strategic and requires you to really focus and put your mind to it, meaning you definitely won’t get bored.

Online poker is an excellent way to learn a new skill while you’re travelling, and the best part is that you don’t need to carry any cards or game boards with you.

 Packing Tips – Pack Point

Are you one of those people that always getting charged for overweight baggage in the airport? Or even worse, the one who has to open their suitcase in front of everyone in the queue, while frantically searching through your clothes to see how many layers you can possibly wear and what can squeeze into your hand luggage. We’ve all been there, but with Pack Point, that can be a thing of the past.

Pack Point is an app that tells you exactly what you need to pack for your trip, taking into account the destination, weather and temperature, what type of holiday it is, and what activities you’ll be doing. Just pop in your destination and how long you’re travelling for and the app will tell you what to pack and in what quantities. This is a must have for all the heavy-handed packers out there.

 Travel planning – FlightAware

This app is especially useful at the moment with travel being rather last minute. FlightAware is an app that allows you to track flights, check on delays and get notifications for cancellations and gate changes. It’s also pretty handy for if you want to make sure friends or family have arrived safely in their destination, as well as if you’re picking them up from the airport.

With travel being temperamental at the moment, this app is helpful for ensuring you don’t make any wasted journeys to the airport, as well as ensuring you’re not dashing through the airport frantically at the last minute to catch your flight.

Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, but with these five handy apps it’s sure to keep you organized and calm.

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