How Do I Fix Audio Renderer Error in Windows 10

Audio Renderer

Well, do you keep getting an “Audio Renderer error, Please restart your Computer” message while watching or trying to watch YouTube in Windows 10? If you haven’t already, restart your computer by the message. Afterward, wipe the browser’s cache.

Further, there could be a problem with your audio device software if that doesn’t fix the Audio Renderer Error YouTube Windows 10 (or it comes back after some time). The remedies below should help you get it back in working order.


How to Fix the Audio Renderer Error on YouTube

Unplug/Replug the Sound Device

Use a headphone jack if your computer doesn’t have built-in speakers. Play a YouTube video to see if it helps.

If the YouTube audio renderer problem does not occur, you can plug the device back in. There is a chance that this alone could solve the problem permanently.

Moreover, it’s possible to get the YouTube audio renderer issue if you have multiple external playback devices connected to your computer at once.

Keeping the default playback device attached is preferable to unplugging the additional audio device in this situation. Afterward, see if the problem is solved. Is there anything I can do? Onwards!

Close Audio Mixing Programs

You can prevent your browser from using audio drivers by mixing apps like Mixcraft, which can take control of the audio drivers. Exiting any other programs in the background before starting to view YouTube can assist.

Additionally, there are ways to stop these programs from taking control of your audio equipment. First, look at the Sound Device Preferences in Mixcraft and turn off the Exclusive Mode switch.

Make sure to use Exclusive Mode (or its equivalent) whenever necessary to avoid latency difficulties while using the program.

Disable/Enable Sound Devices

Another option for resolving the audio renderer error in Windows 10 is to change the computer’s default audio playback device.

1. Start by selecting Device Manager from the Start menu.

2. Extend the number of available audio ports.

3. Disable your default audio device by right-clicking it and selecting Disable device.

Note: If numerous devices are listed, pick the volume icon in the system tray to determine your default playback device.

4. To confirm, click Yes.

5. Right-click the audio device once more and choose Enable device.

Run Audio Troubleshooter

If you continue to notice the YouTube audio renderer issue, it’s time to use Windows 10’s built-in audio troubleshooter. For example, it may be able to assist you in finding and fixing hidden issues.

1. Type troubleshoot settings in the Start menu and then click Open.

2. Take a look at the list of further troubleshooting options.

3. Run the troubleshooter after selecting Playing Audio.

4. Resolve any audio-related issues by following the on-screen instructions and suggestions.

Rollback Audio Drivers

A new sound card driver version may have resolved the issue with a reoccurring YouTube audio renderer error. Roll them back if that’s the case.

If you haven’t updated your audio drivers, you won’t use the Roll Back Driver option in the following stages.

Audio Playback Device

1. Right-tap the Start button and choose Device Manager.

2. Expand Audio inputs & outputs.

3. Right-tap your default audio device and select Properties.

4. Now, switch to the Driver tab.

5. Choose Roll Back Driver.

Audio Card Drivers

1. You can do this in the Device Manager by expanding the Audio/Video/Game Controllers tab.

2. Select Properties from the context menu of the right-clicked audio card driver.

3. The Driver tab should now be visible in the menu.

4. Select the Roll Back Driver option.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 if you see various audio drivers.

Update Audio Drivers

You should upgrade your audio drivers if you didn’t roll back your audio drivers or if that doesn’t fix the YouTube audio renderer error.

Audio Playback Device

1. Right-tap the Start button and choose Device Manager.

2. Expand Audio inputs & outputs.

3. Right-tap your default output device and select Update Driver.

4. Afterward, choose the Search automatically for drivers option to apply the latest driver updates, if available.

Audio Card Drivers

1. Expand Sound, video & game controllers within the Device Manager.

2. Right-tap your sound card driver and choose Update driver.

3. Repeat step 2 if you see various audio drivers.

Update Windows 10

Is your Windows 10 operating system up to date? Technical issues and abnormalities may arise when an obsolete system is used. So, could you not put it off any longer?

1. Firstly, type windows update in the Start menu and hit Enter.

2. If there are any accessible updates, install them.

3. If any audio-related updates are available, select Optional Updates (found directly below the Check for updates button) to install them.

Update Web Browser

For instance, an outdated web browser might potentially cause problems with web programs like YouTube. Chrome and Firefox have been built to update automatically, but it’s always a good idea if you want to make sure.

Open the Chrome menu, click Help, and then pick About Google Chrome in Google Chrome.

In Mozilla Firefox, simply go to the Help menu, pick About Firefox, and press Enter.

Open the Edge menu, click Help & Feedback, and pick About Microsoft Edge in the Help & Feedback section.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Your browser uses hardware acceleration to make things run faster. However, it has been known to trigger YouTube-related problems at random. Check if the audio renderer fault in Windows 10 is fixed by disabling hardware acceleration.

Google Chrome

1. Open the Chrome menu and choose Settings.

2. Expand Advanced and select System.

3. After that, turn off the switch next to Use hardware acceleration when available.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the Firefox menu & choose Settings.

2. The Performance section is located at the bottom of the General tab.

3. Turn off hardware acceleration if it is present.

Microsoft Edge

1. Open the Edge menu and choose Settings.

2. Expand Advanced and select System.

3. The option to use hardware acceleration if it is available should be disabled.

Switch Browsers

There are occasions when an issue with YouTube’s audio rendering can be specific to only one internet browser. For example, if you now use Chrome, try switching to Firefox or the other way around.

Update BIOS

It’s possible to fix the YouTube audio rendering error by updating BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). It is especially true for Dell laptops. However, if done wrong, this can put your entire computer at risk.

Start Watching

Thanks for reading my guide on how to fix the YouTube Audio Renderer error in Windows 10! Well, do share any other fixes that worked for you in the comments area below for other readers.

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