Best 5 Weather Apps You Can Use in 2021

Weather Apps

Be it scorching sun or cold, the extreme weather, and that too uncertain and unpredictable, is always unbearable. Hence, it is indispensable to be aware of the temperature’s extremity and be entirely prepared for it.  To know the weather conditions, the best thing to do is to install a Weather apps. In the olden times, people would wait for days to check weather updates on newspapers and news channels to prepare themselves for what was coming ahead of them. But now, thanks to technology, checking weather prediction is not an issue. 

These weather applications have made life easier for many of us. One can check weather updates before scheduling a meeting or planning a program to avoid any inconvenience. These applications are often pre-installed on almost all phones. Still, if anyone finds these inbuilt apps untrustworthy, he can easily opt for downloading one from ample options available in the play store and online. Most of the time, these weather apps do not cost anything, but a few of them might cost one some bucks. 


Best 5 Weather Apps You Can Use in 2021

To make things easier for the customers, this article intends to list the five free best weather apps updates.

Dark Sky

Designed for IOS mainly, Dark Sky ought to be the priority for those having an iPhone. The App is quite convenient, easy to use, and has a user-friendly interface. The App accurately predicts the weather changes. It precisely tells when it will start raining and how heavy the rain would be. Dark Sky, unlike other applications, does not have a free version; instead, it is supposed to be bought. However, a person does not have to pay for it repeatedly; it is like a one-time subscription. 

Dark Sky can be made compatible with an Apple watch as well. 


  • Although the App is mainly for IOS users, it is also compatible with android phones. 
  • The App has a very basic yet a friendly interface
  • The App can be integrated with the apple watch very easily


  • The interface cannot be customized
  • It does not have in-depth data

Weather Underground

Having more than 270,000 weather stations, the Weather Underground, also known as Wunderground, is one of the best weather forecast apps for hyperlocal prediction. Again, the App is one of the best sources for understanding the weather forecast in a broader range. The App is capable of predicting even chronic weather situations. Hence, it should be the priority of people who live in areas having extreme weather conditions. 

Along with the plethora of features available, the App is enriched with advanced features like radar maps and satellite tracks for horrific situations like wildfire, storms, and hurricanes.  

The App is free, but one has to bear a little inconvenience because of the constant ads, which can sometimes be annoying. To enjoy the full features without any interruption, there is an option available where one has to pay just $1.99 annually. 


  • Most of the time, the issue is compatibility. Some apps are compatible with Android, whereas some are designed for IOS specifically. Weather Underground, however, is compatible with Android as well as IOS.
  • It is an ideal pick for checking hyper-local forecasts.
  • The App does not indicate storms and wildfire, and extreme weather conditions only, but it also shows different health hazards like Pollen allergy and UV risk factors. 


  • The App is not user-friendly in terms of interface. 
  • The App is bombarded with ads which can be super irritating sometimes. 

The Weather Channel

Compatible with IOS and Android, The Weather Channel is considered one of the best weather apps designed so far. It is one of the oldest and the most reliable ones. With time, this App has also updated itself and has added some new features. 

The App is capable of showing predictions for 15 days where the forecast is being updated every hour. Like the other two, the App also indicates future storms, harsh weather conditions, and health hazards. It also renders advice for the cure of diseases. Besides, the App also entertains advertisements, so to get rid of these ads, it is better to buy one for $3.99 annually.


  • This App is compatible with both IOS & Android.
  • The weather update is entirely reliable, and the App keeps updating the prediction for accurate results.
  • Along with weather updates, the App considers it essential to discuss the seasonal diseases along with the cure for these ailments,


  • Because of its immense popularity, the App does not seem to have many drawbacks. However, the only flaw being reported is the ads which many find quite annoying. 


Another fantastic app that delivers the same quality and is ideal for hyper-local predictions and predictions for harsh weather is Accuweather. One of this App’s outstanding features is MinuteCast; i.e., it predicts even the minute changes in the temperature. For example, the App can aptly expect when it will start pouring and it will stop. Hence, it is a perfect pick for people who live in areas where it is cloudy all the time. Similar to Weather Underground, Accuweather also has features like radar maps for storms and hurricanes. The App, just like Accuweather, is free of cast.


  • The App is compatible with IOS only. Mostly, these free apps are specifically designed for Android phones, leaving IOS out.
  • The App is free. One does not have to spend extra bucks to enjoy additional features or to have an advertisement-free application.


  • The only flaw this application seems to have is the battery consumption issue. 


Having radar, RadarScope is undoubtedly one of the best weather apps available so far. The App has access to National Weather Service Data and has access to radar points which are 233. As compared to other weather applications, the RadarScope is a bit pricey as it ranges from $9.99 to $29.99.


  • RadarScope is compatible with all software ranging from IOS, MAC to Microsoft
  • The weather forecast is accurate
  • Weather data can be customized

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  • The App is so perfect that it does not have any flaws. The only drawback which can be reported is its high price. 

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