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Several graduate students are often deeply concerned about the right ways of academic writing. The concern however perturbs individuals and makes them extremely worried and stressed. Now that you want to be a great academic writer, you certainly have reached the first step of being one. A few tips and tricks luckily promise to manifest an improved understanding of the writing skills, and helps writers to be impeccable academic writers. Here are a few top tips that help you to become a successful student helping you to write essays, research papers, projects, thesis and more. Let us discuss top tips and tricks to become a successful academic writer.

1. Set a Measurable Writing Goal

Similar to everything, writing too starts with a goal. The writing goals could be a specific word count, a few sections of the writing project or even a phrase in the writing procedure. Set a goal and do not stop writing until and unless the goal is reached. It is recommended to take a big goal such as finishing an academic paper while breaking it up into several smaller goals. Every small goal further leads to achieving a bigger one.

2. Visualize Writing a Resourceful Paper

How you feel and what will your project look entirely depends on the way you finish it. It is time to visualize a great project, a project that will help you acquire a top grade A+. After visualizing, it is time to close your eyes and focus deeply on a clear vision. Remember to do this every day until and unless you achieve what you have been aiming at.

3. Make Most Of a Timer

Planning is the key to success, and hence you need to decide on the amount of time that you will involve your writing upon. Do not stop working on the paper until and unless the timer ends. This trick helps you to stay focused and does not distract you from social media or other distractions. It is also recommended to try to set a particular time of break in between academic writer to evaluate what works for you perfectly. You can try a popular technique, popularly known as Pomodoro Technique, and repeat it as many as three times. Follow this by taking a break of 15-20 minutes. Repeat this process until you have finished the writing.

 4. Set a Writing Pattern

There are three significant parts of a particular habit, such as trigger, action and reward. It is time to create your own habit, find something to trigger the writing and then write. Once you have finished writing, it is time to reward yourself. You can choose your own writing habit and pattern; however ensure you do it on a daily basis. This will automate the process and help you regularize it daily.

 5. Write Something Every Single Day

Irrespective of what you write, you need to ensure that you write something or the other, every single day. This will help you to improve the way in which you express yourself through words. A few ideas for daily writing are journal entries, free writing exercises, blog posts, and summaries, responses to the learning in class, diary writing and more. This tip is not only helpful towards regularizing a writing habit, but also helps you to build a strong vocabulary and develop an unique writing style. This also enunciates a critical thinking and writing skill, ever so strong and notable.

6. Get Feedback On The Academic Writing

If you are writing or working in a peer group, it is recommended to seek guidance and feedback on academic writing. If you are working in a peer revision group, it is a viable option to ask others about the paper, their opinion and feedback. This will help you to acquire a third point view and help make necessary changes. It is time to listen to the ideas, feedback and ask any questions, whenever necessary. Alternatively, you can also ask a tutor or a teacher to help you improve your paper. This step will help you become an improved academic writer.

 7. Read More Of Academic Writing

Another trick that works best for a skilled writing process is to select a writing material from your class and topics that might interest you. Read journal articles, academic professional blogs, books and more of academic writing to build a stronger academic writing skill. When you read any piece of writing, it helps to increase your vocabulary, writing style and content. Evaluate the writing style, format and check what you like and dislike. Based on this, you can try and implement the preferred things on your academic paper.

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