Best Gift Ideas Under $50

Best Gift Ideas

Gift-giving can be challenging. Some people have the innate ability to find the perfect gift every time, no matter how small their budget. While others find seeking the ideal gift a form of mental torture. It is often these people that end up giving the same gift no matter what the occasion. The usual tie, hand lotion, or similar items you have received every holiday and birthday before. As grateful as you are for your gift, let’s be honest, the uninventive and predictable things just don’t insight joy.

And then there is the matter of cost. Buying gifts for your family members, co-workers, various friends, and even teachers around the holidays becomes expensive. So what do you do? Place yourself on a strict gift-buying budget. This constraint makes it even more difficult to find something exciting that doesn’t look cheap.

With this in mind, we have done the heavy lifting for you. By compiling a list of some inspiring gifts that cost 50 dollars or less so you don’t become the one-gift-wonder of your family or circle of friends.


While candles may seem like an obvious choice, they are often overlooked. These little jars of wax are far more versatile than you think. As a fun decor piece to add to a loved one’s home, all you need to know is their favorite scent or color, or even just what tones they have used in their living room.

Packaged in all sorts of beautiful jars, some apothecary style, others with exquisite wraps, you will find a candle for every personality. And then there are the fragrances. Gourmand scents that conjure up bakery notes, to lighter scents that immerse you in the smells of a forest or remind you of a rainfall. Waxes of all the rainbow shades make it simple to treat a friend who loves a specific color.

Offered in various sizes, you will find a candle that looks as though it costs an exorbitant price but actually fits neatly within your budget.


Socks make fantastic gifts for men, women, and kids. Just about everyone wears these versatile little foot warmers, especially when winter arrives, so you know they will put your gift to use. These days, socks come in a range of patterns and styles, with some designed for colder weather or various sports.

But why leave it there? Why not take it to the next level by curating a gift that your loved ones won’t believe? A pair of customized socks will take your gifting to the next level. Transform what we may often know as a mundane gift into a one-of-a-kind item that your family won’t find anywhere else on the planet. You will instantly become the king or queen of gifting.

Coming in at under $50 a pair, these impressive socks will easily fit within your budget. And also, they’re easy to make too. Don’t believe us? Take a look at to see their exciting and straightforward to create custom socks.

 Loose Leaf Tea

Loved by people the world over, including Oprah, who featured them on her list of favorite things, loose leaf tea makes an unusual gift. Not only does it taste great, but it often comes packaged in the cutest little boxes or tins. Innovative little gift sets see a trio of flavors combined in a group of three tins, so your loved one can sample each taste. When you know their favorite, you can always get them a bigger container for their birthday.

Filled with fragrant blends of Chai, Oolong, White tea, Green tea, and full flavor Black tea, loose tea leaves make for an exotic gift. Impress your loved ones with an elegant present that stays within budget when you spoil them with an aromatic blend of loose tea leaves.

Quirky Planters

House plants have fast become a fashionable trend, but not just any old house plants. The key to adding indoor greenery to your home lies with the quirky and unique planters you place them in.

Planters these days come in a multitude of fascinating shapes and colors, from pastel bunny rabbits to funky cats on stilted legs, and even gleaming white dinosaurs. And what is even better is that these cute little containers look remarkable but won’t put a massive dent in your wallet.

To add an extra touch of fun, you could always plant a succulent or small indoor plant inside the planter for your loved one. A reflective element that not only takes your gift to the next level but shows the care you put into curating your gifts.

A Needle Hobby Set

Crafters will delight in a new hobby-style gift, and what better crafty gift than a fun needle hoop set. These exciting sets come with a piece of fabric printed with a cute design. The material is placed inside an embroidery hoop to keep it firm and in place. All the colorful cotton and the unique needle you need to create this fun craft come included.

Give this creative gift to your loved one to complete themselves, or you could even do the crafting and present them with the finished artwork, ready to hang in their home. These fun kits don’t cost the world, landing them safely within your 50 dollar budget.

A Bathtub Tray

Relaxation these days is often something that takes a back seat. While spoiling a loved one with a spa day would be a fantastic gift, it’s not precisely within budget. So why not bring the spa to them? A bamboo bath tray does just that.

Natural bamboo wood brings a soothing sense of tranquility. When fashioned into a bath tray, it makes bath time blissful. These trays provide space for a tablet or phone so you can relax with your favorite shows while you soak. Often these trays feature a nifty wine glass holder, a place for candles, snacks, and even space for bath oils, a loofah, and bath bombs.

This glam gift will inspire relaxation. Because the tray fits so nicely within the $50 budget, you could even throw in a bath bomb or two to enhance the feeling of having a spa at home.

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