Best International Websites for Online Paid Surveys

Best International Websites for Online Paid Surveys

It’s not a surprise that many websites are springing up to accommodate the demand for paid online surveys. These surveys help participants to make money online from the convenience of their homes by giving accurate and well-researched surveys about a product.

However, it is important to understand how the market works as well as get the best survey sites before you enter into the system. Typically, survey sites pay hourly from about $5 per survey and above. A survey site may offer you a reasonable number of points for a survey to be completed at a specific period. If you can reach the target, the site pays you the agreed fee per hour.

This article aims to introduce you to numerous survey sites available within and outside the UK and US.

Here is a list of international survey sites that you may want to consider. If you like the online survey world, here you can find a complete list of paid surveys.

Paid Surveys: some of the best you can sign-up

Vindale Research 

Vindale Research is one of the highest paying survey sites that opened for operations 16 years ago. They have been in the industry since 2005 so you can trust that they know what they are doing. All you have to do to earn from them is give your honest, unbiased and well-processed thoughts on consumer brands. Vindale Research is headquartered in New York, USA. Vindale has paid members over $7 million in cash since its inception.

Oh and here is a huge bonus; after opening an account with Vindale, you get 1 dollar simply for signing up. How cool is that? Vindale Research is a trusted company and definitely worth the top spot for international online paid survey sites that you can work with.

Survey Junkie Panel 

Here is one online survey site that pays you in virtual points, but these points can be converted to gift cards or you may choose to withdraw them via PayPal. Like all the online survey sites mentioned here, Survey Junkie Panel is 100% trustworthy. Survey Junkie is available in the UK, the US, Australia and in many other countries in Europe. They are looking forward to expanding their network to other parts of the world.

Survey Junkie pays as high as $18 per hour, but you need to be ready as they value quality surveys. Surveys are added daily so there are numerous products available for you to review!

Global Test Market

This is probably one of the oldest online paid surveys in the world. Global Test Market has been in existence since 1999 and is one of the highest paying online surveys to date. In 2016, this online survey site paid its users over $30 million, so they are practically one of the highest-rated online survey sites. Global Test Market is quite huge. Participants can be from America, Asia and Europe as they have stayed long enough in the market to be able to reach a wider audience.

Payment is made in form of Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash and for every survey, you earn $5. The rate may be low compared to others, but it is the trust that people have for it that makes them to keep coming back for more.

Opinion World 

At Opinion World, you may give your opinions, surveys or reviews on topics that range from politics to healthcare and educational sectors as well. Of course, they also have consumer products that you can review if you wish to. Points are earned at Opinion World that can be withdrawn as PayPal cash, gift cards and airline miles.

Here is a bonus that this survey site provides; it has allowed for points earned to be given out as charity if the participants so wish and you can fully trust that the money will reach the required persons. It is open to participants from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Taiwan, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Finland.

Ipsos Panel 

Established in 1975, Ipsos Panel is quite an online survey site. Its services are impeccable and participants are fully satisfied. This is because they have mixed their years of experience with stellar offers that leave you no room to back out once you join them.

Ipsos Panel operates by conducting market research on a target company and provide detailed analysis to its client. The target company can be healthcare suppliers or even automobile companies. They are one of the safest, accurate and fastest online surveys in the market so you need to be really good to work with them.

There are many more international paid survey sites, but the above listed are top surveys that have been extensively researched and are highly trusted. Before choosing a paid survey site, read the information on their website and make sure that they are available in your country. Making money shouldn’t be too hard now, should it? As long as it is legit and consistent, so make the best use of the opportunity you have and try an online paid survey site today.

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