JustDubs Alternatives to Watch English Dubbed Anime


JustDubs is one of the great and best for their anime streaming. The saddest thing is that their administrator has shut down their website. In which they have an excellent user interface that makes users search their movies easier in a massive media collection of anime shows and movies.

This website offers both the subtitled and dubbed in the HD quality. But some users are looking for more features and options in anime streaming. For this, we have here with ten best alternatives to JustDubs.

We have researched this on various websites with better and significant features, and options are available in the below websites. As a result, the users can choose their own best website from below. If you know any other anime streaming website, then you have a chance to choose your favourite website for watching anime series online.

All the anime series are not available on a single website. Still, you can search your series on these websites and make fun and enjoyments, then go through the below website and find an excellent alternative to JustDubs to watch the anime series and movie and shows online.


Best Sites Like JustDubs to Watch English Dubbed Anime

In this article, we have a list of alternatives to JustDubs. The anime lovers can go through the lists of below sites that you like the most. You can choose anyone from the below lists that satisfy your requirements. Suppose you see any warning like IDP. Generic, it can be a false positive, but please read the post to make sure.



Suppose you want to watch anime for free, then you should try out 9Anime. Anyone who wishes to watch anime needs to log into the website.

All you need to have is a good speed internet connection so that the watching experience is not interrupted in between. 9Anime is a beautiful alternative to AnimeLab. Do check it out to have fun.



If you are an anime lover and wishes to watch cartoon series, anime for free of cost, then you may consider Chia-Anime. Anyone who enters the site can enjoy unlimited fun and fantasy. The database contains all the old, classic and the latest cartoons which is available free.

It is effortless to find out your favourite stuff from the whole database with the advanced search option—anyone who streams NarutoGet. I am sure to enjoy its user interface, and it’s an overall experience. It is a good alternative in place of AnimeLab.



A few years back, Kissanime is dominant in all other websites and be the most popular anime website. Where Kissanime provides its service for free of cost to its users, as they are working for longer days, they have the stability to offer better speed and optimization to their users.

Kissanime is one of the bestest alternatives to JustDubs website. Where the Kissanime is dedicated to anime movies and series, it’s the best place to have the fun of viewing animated movies. It also provides high quality to their users to watch HD anime movies.



GoGoanime is very popular as they don’t need any introduction to this website. From the date they are developed, they provide the anime to their users. GoGo Anime delivers different types of content that have anime shows, movies, cartoons, and even foreign shows as well for its users. The media has the customize option in their subtitles on this website.

The users can find the English subtitles easily on this GoGoanime. The provides a classified view of the contents in this website for the user’s convenience. This site is better than the JustDubs, in which they give the latest episodes and open-source streaming on this website.



Animeland is one of the great alternatives for the JustDubs. They offer a free service to its users. It also does not ask its users to create an account on their website. Animeland has over 20 thousand anime episodes for its users. The user can get high-quality anime series in a dubbed format on their website to make fun with their users.

To save their users time, this website provides the anime movies in alphabetical order with many other similar sections on their website. The users can also use the premium version and a free version. In which this website is open source to all users. The users make subscriptions of purchase on the Animeland website.



Crunchyroll is on the top of the list of the best alternatives to JustDubs. It has a massive collection of the most popular anime series of nearly 15,000 hours of about 25,000 episodes on its website.

This Crunchyroll provides many new and worlds popular anime series to their users, in which they also offer their series with the English Language subtitled, and they are also dubbed in different languages. This website also provides its service in High Definition (HD) and 720p quality for all videos on this website.

The user needs to register on this website to access this anime series. This is best viewed in the various operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Chromecast, Xbox, Wii U, Roku Box, etc. The contents of the are site can be translated into different languages like French, Spanish, etc.



CartoonCrazy is one best among the alternatives to JustDubs. In which they provide an extensive collection of the famous and best anime shows. The users do not request to create an account or register to use this website, and it is open source to all users.

CartoonCrazy website provides the best user-friendly interface. Also, it has categorized the anime shows to reduce the time of users in searching the videos. It has been classified as Top-rated, most-watched, Trending, Latest episodes, etc., with various subtitle languages.



For anime lovers, it is a real heaven for the users. AnimeHeaven offers free movies and anime shows. This website helps its users by classifying their contents and ease to access the databases. AnimeHeaven almost works in all operating systems such as Windows and iOS. This website provides the option for download in the high quality which the user needed.

The administrators of the Anime Heaven site update this website frequently and provide the latest update in it. So, The main benifits is that they don’t have any ads on their site & do not permits their users to redirect to any other site. They provide the anime series in the yearly collections. This site is one of the best alternatives to JustDubs.



Sidereel is one of the most preferred websites for alternatives to JustDubs. This website is not created to provide anime, but it also consists of different movies, cartoons, dramas, TV shows with many genres.

Later Sidereel is best known for the anime shows, and movies and that brings us to here. Sidereel does not provide the latest update, but they have a collection of old anime series and have more other movies on the Sidereel site.

Anime Show TV


Anime Show TV provides the best user interface and free anime content to its users. This website offers good layouts and a massive collection of anime movies, and they are easy to navigate throughout the website. Anime Show TV’s fantastic website has a discussion section where the users can interface with each other and share their anime movie experiences.

The contents of the Anime Show TV website are categorized into various sections such as trending, most popular, most-watched, and so on. This makes the user stay on their website. The only thing on this website that irritates the user is that they have more ads, and sometimes it redirects to some other website by the hidden links on the website. It is one of the best alternatives to the JustDubs website.

Final Words:

Thus, those as mentioned earlier are some best and perfect Alternatives to JustDubs. All the websites, as mentioned earlier, are available free of cost and sites like Crunchyroll have some subscription plans. If the JustDubs are looking for a suitable alternative, we suggest picking any one of them by their choice.

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