Best Online Sites to Look for Work in the US

Best Online Sites to Look for Work in the US

Working in the United States is an ultimate goal for many people. Those living in some foreign countries may want to put their educational or work background to use in a more valued environment. Perhaps they want to move closer to a family member or significant other. Regardless of the reason, anyone thinking of pursuing a US job has to be aware of the available resources.

But as a reminders:

Before you lock down a job offer, remember that you still need to secure requirements before making a permanent career move from another country. One way to do this is to speak to Total Law immigration lawyers. They can provide you with the assistance you need to ensure that your plans are met without any complications.

One requirement that usually needs to be settled includes a K3 non immigrant visa for spouse, especially if the job seeker is married to a US citizen.

Regardless, some good sites include the following:


Indeed is known worldwide for being a reliable job search platform. There are millions of monthly unique website visitors, which means that people trust their brand in delivering results. Around sixty countries, including the United States, have companies that post listings on this digital platform. In addition, the website assures users that any postings on their network are legitimate.

Because of this authenticity, it is also convenient for users to look up companies on related websites to gauge the ratings. Then, those with poor retention or questionable practices can be avoided in pursuit of better choices. Indeed functions almost like a directory since so many businesses call for new employees on the site. However, browsing is made even easier because of categories and search sorting features.

In addition, those who want to continue their job search on the go may use their official mobile application to find listings while outside their homes. Even while in bed, they may still look for work in the United States. Uploading a curriculum vitae is also an option. You may also correspond with employers on the site, making deals even more accessible.


Another website that works as an excellent way to find US job opportunities is CareerBuilder. Establishing itself as a global platform, they connect employers with potential recruits. Uniquely, the site infuses advertising with job scouting. This practice revolutionized how companies manage their human capital online.

The website is structured like a large bulletin board for job searchers. It functions as a pool of work opportunities and is used by millions of users worldwide. Companies in the US like Hilton and Accenture post listings on CareerBuilder, making it convenient for potential recruits to find lucrative offers through the site’s features.

They also offer functionality for users to cross-check if they are qualified to apply for the job. Through this feature, people may filter out work positions underqualified for, saving time and resources. In addition, employers may also upload curriculum vitae to screen their candidates before scouting them.


Perhaps the most familiar website on this list is LinkedIn. This platform also serves as a social media network, allowing users to form connections with people all over the globe. If you also want to find potential colleagues in the US, then this is one avenue that you can pursue. Employers like to use LinkedIn because of its convenience. Messaging may be done directly.

If you have a lot of qualifications and have made yourself “Open to Work,” employers may even seek you out directly. Human resources managers and recruiters have started this practice. However, make it a habit to set alerts for job searches so that you can stay on top of potential listings. Also, first-time users will have more difficulty finding offers, which is why searching or setting alerts is a recommended thing to do.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is almost like curating your Facebook or Twitter account. It would help if you input things like education and work history, and former colleagues can also vouch for you. This data makes it easier for clients or employers in the US to find you a promising candidate, primarily if you have already expressed interest through their “Easy Apply” feature. However, keep in mind that this may not be available for all listings.


The key here is to be open to different methods and familiarize yourself with platforms to find your dream job in the US. Make sure that you consult a lawyer or explore an alternative to the family visa, considering that you can save time by preparing all requirements.

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