Best Tech for Plant Development

Tech for Plant Development

Cannabis growers cultivate crops for personal use or dispensaries. These plants are capable of  providing a wealth of health benefits and enable the growers to treat their symptoms more naturally compared to using heavy prescription medications. Understanding the benefits of using cannabis to treat medical conditions shows individuals why the plant is beneficial. In this discussion, we will be reviewing different gadgets and technological tools that make it possible to grow healthy plants, prevent common issues faced by the growers, and keep the plants healthier.

Better pH Meters for the Plants

Monitoring the pH of the growing medium and knowing its normal ranges is critical to growing any type of crop. The growing medium’s pH directly influences the availability of nutrients for the plant. Better pH meters make it possible for the grower to evaluate the pH balance of the soil and ensure that the plants are getting enough nourishment. These assessments determine when the grower needs to add chemicals to the soil and enrich it properly. The pH balance must be appropriate for growing the cannabis plants or it can cause serious damage to the crop. Understanding the proper balance between the soil and necessary chemicals lowers the risk of damage to the crop and ensures that the plants stay healthy up to the time they are harvested. Growers who want to learn more about the meters can review details seen at i49 right now.

Smartphone Macro Lens

Smartphone macro lens makes it possible to evaluate the plants precisely and determine, in case there are any existing issues that require treatment. Cannabis plants are prone to attract insects and require treatment to eliminate damage caused by unwanted pests. Using the macro lens helps the grower review their plants via their smartphones and diagnose problems in record time. The user can review the images on their smartphone and continue to assess the plants at any time.

WiFi Sensors for Cannabis Plants

WiFi sensors are extremely handy gadgets for the growers as it can be very difficult to extract plant related data. However, WiFi plant sensors can accurately measure the soil moisture, temperature and the light intensity. As a result, the growers have a clear understanding about the exact requirements for their plants. These sensors also send notifications to help growers provide the best possible care of their plants. A WiFi sensor for cannabis plants is placed into the soil to monitor moisture and determine when more water is needed. It is a vital tool for keeping the plants healthy and preventing them from drying out. The sensor is small and will fit inside a pot or even in the ground without issues. It uses light intensity to measure the temperature of the soil and determine if the temperature is too cold or hot for growing the plants. The device is accessible via a smartphone and all details are reported to the grower throughout the day. It is a great tool for monitoring a larger crop of cannabis plants and lowering the risk of plant damage.

Protective Eyewear for Growers

The full spectrum LED light is utilized in high levels for indoor farming. Therefore, without the right kind of protection, the growers run the risk of damaging their vision.LED glasses make it possible for growers to protect their eyes in their grow rooms. Some grow rooms use artificial light that emits ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the eyes but are beneficial to growing the plants. The glasses protect the eyes and make it possible for growers to enter the room without worry when they need to check on their crops. While the glasses aren’t the most stylish products, they do provide invaluable services for cannabis growers. The glasses are priced at a lower rate that is affordable for most growers and won’t place a strain on their bank accounts.

Shelving: Though shelving it may not be high-tech, specifically engineered shelving unit have revolutionized crop and cannabis cultivation in the past decade. It typically involves installation of lights on or around the shelves for nurturing smaller plants before they start flowering.

Cannabis growers use a variety of tools to plant and monitor their crops. Technology has made it possible for growers to get the most out of their plants and avoid plant damage. The gadgets can do anything from monitoring the pH balance to keeping the plants at a safer temperature. Understanding the full benefits of each gadget shows the growers why it is a great investment and how the gadgets can save them money overall.

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