Call of Duty Warzone: 5 Tips to Win the War

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular group games. Just like we all know, all battle royale games are no easy feat, and CoD Warzone is no different. Every battle royale is different, and being a pro in one won’t make you an expert in all. They indeed share some elements like the ever-shrinking play zone, have buildings to hide, and have plenty of loot to be picked, but CoD Warzone has a lot of new things.

Nothing is disappointing being the one dragging your squad down. No one will want to play with you if you can’t offer any help to your team. Here are some of the CoD Warzone tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to last longer and help your team win.

1. Play with Warzone Guides

To improve and become better at Cod Warzone, you need to practice, practice, and practice. There are other tips and strategies that you can use, but you can’t improve if you are not playing. It is through playing that you learn what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.

Besides practicing, there are many other things that you can do to improve and become a pro. Playing with Warzone guides who are willing to show you how to play CoD Warzone is the best thing that you can do to improve instantly. It is through practice and implementing the new tips and strategies that you learn when playing with CoD Warzone guides.

2. Start Attacking Before Landing

CoD Warzone has a hot battlefield. Sometimes things can heat up even before you land. Luckily, you can also be able to start harassing your opponents when they are still on the air. All that you need is to open your parachute and then close it to draw your starting pistol. Once you have your starting weapon at hand, you can start attacking your opponents when you are still on the air. You can even be able to kill some of them before they land. For a better shooting position, consider falling slightly above those close to you.

Closing your parachute before going to the free-fall mode can also help you get to the battlefield quickly. Being able to land faster means getting the best equipment. It will also save you from your opponents that may open fire during parachute drops.

3. Ping to Communicate

CoD Warzone is a group game. It is more fun when playing with your friends or people you know. Remember to use the ping system to be able to communicate with your teammates. The ping feature allows you to communicate with your squad even without using a headset. Use the ping system to inform your teammates about what is around them. Warn them when you spot an enemy nearby and share your route with them.

If one of your teammates is in the Gulag, you can help them out. All that you need to do is to show them the enemy’s location. You can also help them by directly shooting at their rivals in the fence. Remember, getting your fallen teammate back into the game will make your team stronger and increase chances of winning.

4. Share Loots with Your Teammates

Apart from using the ping system to help your teammates know where they can collect great loot, CoD Warzone also allows you to share what you have with them. It is vital to make sure that you help your teammates that have less than $4500. You can see the finances of your teammates by looking at the bottom left corner of your screen. Sharing your finances with your teammates means equipping them with all that they need to buy you back into the game when you’re unable to rescue yourself from the Gulag.

5. Get a Sophisticated UAV

A sophisticated UAV is an exceptional element and at the same time a weapon that makes CoD Warzone more unique and easy to play. It displays part of the Warzone map and also shows you where the opponents that are close to you are. If all of you in your team have this tool, you may be able to display all the positions and orientation of all your opponents. The only drawback is that this tool is not only not for free but also usable for a limited amount of time.

6. Complete your Contract

Completing contracts now and then is the best way to make money on CoD Warzone. Tasks can vary from killing a specific enemy to collecting loot boxes. CoD Warzone will reward you with cash, loot, and other in-game benefits.

Only one contract can be active for your team. You can either complete the contract jointly or wait for the contract to expire before picking another one.

Even if you don’t manage to complete your task, you will be able to reveal the enemy’s position. Taking CoD contracts can also give you an insight into the next shrinking zone before any other player gets to know it.

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