How To Add And Activate CBS All Access On Roku?

CBS All Access On Roku

Roku Channel Store houses a variety of free and paid TV services. Unfortunately, it cannot be jailbroken; hence it does not support third-party apps like Firestick or Android TV. Nevertheless, its dedicated app store offers a respectable selection of streaming apps. CBS All Access is one of them, providing CBS TV channel content for Roku streaming. This app provides hundreds of episodes, live TV, movies, original series, and so on. Live CBS TV channels may also be streamed in great definition. The Roku Channel Store makes it simple to add this app.

Update: The CBS All Access app is no longer accessible on the Roku Channel Store since it has been replaced with the Paramount Plus app. The Paramount Plus app covers the complete CBS All Access collection and new movies, TV series, and TV shows. Essential ($4.99 per month) and Premium ($9.99 per month) are the two available subscription options. On Roku, the Paramount Plus app is available for free download.

How To Easily Add CBS All Access On Roku?

1 – With Roku’s Wi-Fi connection established, press the Home button on its remote to access the home screen.

2 – Select Streaming Channels options with the remote’s down arrow key.

3 – Select the Search Channels option upon opening the Roku Channel Store.

4 – Now, search the store for the CBS All Access app.

5 – You should select CBS All Access from the list of suggestions.

6 – Click the Add Channel tab on the app’s info box to download it.

7 – Upon completion of the installation, click the OK button at the request.

8 – Open Go to Channel to launch the channel on Roku.

How To Easily Activate CBS All Access On Roku?

To stream CBS All Access on Roku, you must activate the app.

1 – Select the Home button on the remote and choose CBS All Access from the list of installed channels.

2 – Write down the activation code that appears on Roku’s display.

3 – Open a web browser on your phone or computer and navigate the CBS website.

4 – Enter Activation Code on the Roku TV and press the Activate button.

5 – This activates the CBS All Access app on RokuOS.

6 – If asked, sign in to your CBS All Access account with the required login information to begin using it.

How To Easily Cancel CBS All Access On Roku?

You may cancel your CBS All Access subscription from either the Roku device or the Roku website.

1 – Open the CBS All Access channel from the RokuOS Home screen.

2 – Choose Manage Subscription and then select Cancel Subscription.

3 – If a confirmation window appears, select Cancel Subscription.

4 – Choose the Done option.

You may install the CBS app from the Roku Channel Store to stream solely CBS content. There is no subscription required to see the free content. Instead, you may sign in with your TV provider to stream the unique content. In addition to its dedicated Roku app, CBS TV Channel is accessible through multiple streaming service subscriptions. It comes with Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, AT&T TV, and YouTube TV on Roku.


What Happened To The CBS All Access On Roku?

The CBS All Access app has been discontinued, and its successor is the Paramount Plus app. You may stream all CBS All Access content with the Paramount Plus app.

What Is The Cost Of CBS All Access On Roku?

Since the CBS All Access app has been renamed Paramount Plus, the Paramount Plus subscription may now be purchased on Roku for $4.99 to $99 per month.

Why Is The CBS All Access On Roku Not Working?

This is due to the app being discontinued. However, you may install the Paramount Plus app on a Roku device to access CBS content.

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