Common Problem with Apps Accessed Without VPN

Apps Accessed Without VPN

Accessing an application without a VPN is really a bad idea. Previously VPN services were not considered as a necessary utility but now these are must-have cybersecurity accessories. VPNs have become popular and necessary at the same time because of the potential threat to individual privacy but their time has not really come. It seems strange but most people haven’t used VPNs ever and still do not use them even if they understand the threats to their privacy.

Most people who have used VPNs are those who were asked to use corporate VPN by their company. Those who actually think that VPNs are necessary are very few.

Here is what happens when you don’t access apps via VPN and how VPN will help:

Privacy Threats

Using an application without VPNs is a threat to your privacy. You would never want someone to steal your personal information but unfortunately, this happens when you do not take your privacy seriously. People also think that Facebook which is one of the most widely used applications is a threat to their privacy. There are several different applications that are not safe to use without VPNs.

Public Wi-Fi

Accessing applications using public WIFI is also not secure. For instance, you are at Starbucks and you are using their public WIFI but are you sure it is genuine and safe to use? These kinds of public WIFI are just to invade the privacy of the people. They are for nabbing their personal information. So accessing your favorite application via public WIFI is not a good choice and it is very dangerous if you are not using a VPN.

Area Restricted Applications

Some applications are area restricted and you cannot use them even if you want to. For instance, Netflix and some other streaming applications have geo-restricted content that you cannot enjoy if you are in a restricted area. You cannot enjoy these shows and movies. In addition to this, some gaming applications are not allowed to install some specific areas, which is a drawback for high-end gamers. VPNs can be used for fixing the Netflix proxy error.


When you are using an online application your IP address is not hidden, hackers can track it and can then invade your privacy. They can steal your private information which may include your bank account details and confidential information related to your business. So, in the end, you will lose your money and can also lose your job. Hackers are always in search of vulnerability so that they can attack and steal your information.

Insecure file Transfer

There are multiple applications which allow you to share files with your colleagues, family, and friends. Most of them claim that file transfer is easy via their application but it is not always safe. Especially when there are plenty of hackers out there waiting to find a vulnerability in your connection. So file transfer is not entirely safe because hackers know how to enter your system and steal your sensitive data.

How VPN is Helpful?

Internet is not a safe place;cyber-attacks have become very common. Accessing online and other social media applications are more dangerous than ever. That’s when VPNs prove helpful for you. But what is actually a VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network which is a complete solution to your privacy issues while browsing on the internet and accessing your favorite applications. Via VPN your personal information will be safe and your privacy will be maintained.

VPN will not only encrypt your data but will also change your IP address so that no one can trace you. VPN technology has developed to deal with these kinds of issues but it also has other advantages which are as follows:

  • It keeps your data encrypted when you connect through VPN, this way hackers will not be able to steal your information.
  • The best thing about having a VPN in your device is that you can remotely access your sensitive business data from home or from any other place. So it helps increase the productivity of your company.
  • Sharing files using various applications and websites is easy with a VPN. You can share sensitive data without worrying about a security issue with your group at the office.
  • VPN will never reveal your identity; you can browse any application or website anonymously.
  • You can easily bypass filters and can access your desired content. You can also use a VPN for fixing the Netflix proxy error.
  • You can access your favorite gaming and streaming applications by changing your location via a VPN as it can provide you an IP address from another country.
  • VPNs are also helpful in increasing the efficiency and bandwidth of the network.
  • Once you have created a VPN network, maintenance cost is low. But if you take help from a service provider you don’t have to worry about surveillance and network setup.

Other Things you Need to Know About VPN

There are plenty of VPN services providers but not all of them are safe to use. So you need to pick a VPN service provider that is trustworthy. Here is what your VPN provider should offer:

  • People say that their product is best but you also should have to experience the product. So, find a VPN that offers a free trial.
  • Find a VPN which improves internet connectivity.
  • Before buying make sure VPN is secure and reliable.
  • Make sure that it provides a large number of servers around the world.
  • Apps you want to use should be compatible with the VPN.
  • If you are always online from more than one device make sure to pick a VPN that offers multiple concurrent connections.
  • Read the privacy policy carefully and choose a VPN that does not keep any logs.
  • Read reviews and choose one with better customer care services.


Accessing applications without a VPN can be dangerous for you. Find a reliable VPN so that you can enjoy your favorite applications without worrying about your privacy being invaded by others.

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