Best Construction Management Software in 2021

Construction Management Software

Well, building projects can now be managed more effectively thanks to a collection of the highly-rated and the best Construction Management Software 2021 on the market today. This type of software is critical in helping people better organize and manage their enterprises, leading to better control of business operations.

In addition to automating administrative activities, such software also makes estimates and billing more straightforward and facilitates scheduling and planning. In addition, these people handle workload allocations, document management, real-time communication, and issues that need to be resolved. Now, let’s have a look at the review parts of each construction project management software that I’ve chosen from reliable sources.


10 Best Construction Project Management Software For Your Businesses

1. Dynamics SL

If you’re looking for an ERP system, go no further than Dynamics SL. Dynamics SL is a valuable tool for construction management firms looking for the best construction software on the market today.

Dynamics SL Incorporating financial management and CRM is an ERP system designed for small and midsized businesses. Construction, government contracts, and professional service management can benefit from its extensive functionality.

The firm can use this software to acquire role-specific information and complete data entry tasks using the eventual construction management software.

Dynamics SL construction management software includes accounting integration, budget tracking, job costing, and residential and commercial features.

2. CMiC

CMiC – Accounting and Project Management Software for the Construction Industry. It is a good option if you are wondering for a tool to assist you in working with the data you have at your fingertips. CMiC serves as a foundation for developing a construction management information system. To keep the contract and revenue, it does everything from budget planning to drawing management and cost forecasting.

In addition to connecting your team members, CMiC can assist you in monitoring their work processes. As a top-notch piece of construction management software, CMiC keeps you on track toward your project’s objectives and budget while also boosting your bottom line.

There are many features included in CMiC, such as the ability to track/cost jobs while they are being worked on and integrate accounting data.

3. Fluix

Fluix is another excellent piece of building project management software to keep in mind while planning your next endeavor. For successful firms, Fluix is a lightweight software that is easy to use. You’ll be capable of keeping track of everything you need for a project with the help of this software. In addition, even when you are not connected to the internet, you can access this software at any time.

For example, Fluix lets you redline drawings, attach progress photographs, add notes and comments, collect data from remote activities, and analyze the performance across the sites to identify bottlenecks and risks and ultimately enhance productivity.

What’s more?

Numerous reports may be generated using Fluix, including RFIs (Request for Information), Change Orders, Submittals, Quality Checklists, and Timesheets.

Change orders, contract management, mobile access, incident reporting, offline access, and RFI and Submittals are just a few of the tools available in Fluix.

4. HeavyBid

Are you trying to find the best software for construction estimation? Then, take advantage of the advantages of using HeavyBid right away. Yes, HCSS solutions classify HeavyBid as a solution for estimators and construction firms. With this software, you can estimate and bid on civil construction projects in various fields like underground mining and pipeline building.

With HeavyBid, you can input data quickly, generate estimates, compute quotations, evaluate quotes, calculate and elaborate structures, take production history into account, and transfer information to the parties concerned in building project management projects.

The budget tracking/job costing, change orders, and contractor and subcontractor management are all included in HeavyBid’s construction project management software.

5. Oracle Aconex

To link the most important construction and engineering projects, Oracle Aconex uses cloud-based technologies. Multiple projects require Aconex to keep track of information and workflows across them all.

Aconex is heavily involved in project management, document management, workflow management, quality management, BIM management, and safety projects, offering insights, bidding, data analysis, and quote estimations.

Oracle Aconex has budget tracking/job costing, change orders, contract management (commercial and residential), RFIs and submittals, subcontractor management, and RFI and submittals tracking among the best construction project management software.

6. Contractor Foreman

For the cheapest all-in-one solution to managing construction projects, we thank Contractor Foreman. As a corporation, you can start at $49/m for the entire company to quickly and easily make plans, estimates, invoices, submittals, change orders, POs, Bid management, and a client portal.

Moreover, you can save thousands of dollars compared to other systems because there are no PER-PROJECT FEES. In addition, you can use Contractor Foreman on your phone, tablet, or computer, and it integrates with QuickBooks.

This software has gained a few new capabilities. Budget tracking/job costs, change orders, contract/license management, estimating, subcontracting, commercial, and CRM are all included.

7. ConstructionOnline

Building your construction project management may be made more accessible, more efficient, and more effective with the help of ConstructionOnline. It appears to be the software’s creed.

UDA technologies’ ConstructionOnline has been rated as the best construction scheduling software by independent review sites. Numerous construction companies use this program because of its extensive capabilities.

Project tracking, dynamic estimating, RFI tracking, and redline Planroom are just some of the features of ConstructionOnline’s cloud-based management system. In addition, this software is the world’s quickest pre-scheduling software, offering speed and power to pre-scheduling projects.

Additionally, this software is regarded as one of the best for construction project management, with capabilities like budget tracking/job costing, change orders, contracts, subcontractor management, and CRM.

8. Procore

Well, there has been a lot of buzz regarding Procore’s construction management software in recent years. That’s because of the high-quality features and the ease with which project managers may use it. In addition, construction firms may keep track of various projects using Procore’s maximum visibility.

The hazards of real-time data access and risk mitigation are addressed to ensure quality and safety. Procore is a top construction project management software because of its financial management, time management, etc.

Accounting integration, budget tracking, job costing, contract administration, change orders, commercial, contractors, RFI and submittals, and residential and subcontractor management are all included in Procore’s feature set.

9. Onware

Constructing an Onware system is a lot like creating an Onware website. For this reason, it is commonly employed by both bidders and contractors alike. Likewise, the construction industry will benefit from this software’s smart approach to enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Businesses may handle large projects quickly because of Onware’s real-time analytics and visualization capabilities. In addition, this software is continually updated with new versions and features to make easier work processes.

This app provides a few useful options. Managing contractors and subcontractors, RFIs, and submittals are examples of change orders.

A construction project management software expert recommends Onware because it is versatile and time-saving. In addition, when there is a robust internet connection, it can be used at any time and from any location.

10. BuildingConnected

To help with pre-management and early planning, BuildingConnected is one of the best construction management software free available. Builders frequently use this program to quote, bid, extend invitations to vendors, plan projects, and keep track of opportunities.

Preparation is an essential aspect of construction management in BuildingConnected, which the software handles effortlessly. Using virtual analysis reports, preconstruction businesses can plan their projects more effectively.

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BuildingConnected is one of the most extensively used construction management software programs today because of its rapidly expanding network and committed customer service. Commercials, contractors, CRM, and subcontractor administration are all included in the software’s capabilities.


When it comes to keeping enterprises running smoothly, the best construction project management software is essential. Because doing administrative tasks is not as simple as we may imagine, the software is handy. In addition, such software is now required to keep track of all the projects that need to be completed. Is your company currently using construction project management software?

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