What Is Dab Me Up Meme Meaning? Explained

Dab Me Up

The ‘Dab Me Up’ meme is trending on Twitter, but where did it originate? And what exactly does that mean? Let us investigate. A variety of memes are often seen on social media. Distracted Boyfriend, Doge, and Drake’s Hotline Bling are all well-known examples. Not to mention the Woman Yelling at Cat. Memes are a crucial element of online culture, but sometimes new ones develop that need help understanding. Well, the ‘Dab Me Up’ meme has been trending on Twitter recently, and here’s all you need to know about it.

What Is Dab Me Up Meme?

The ‘ Dab Me Up ‘ meme uses a picture of a yellow smiling emoji with gold tooth. A yellow hand seems to be going to ‘dab’ beside the face. A ‘dab’ is a hand gesture that became famous among teenagers in 2015 and consists of telling one arm up towards the sky while sinking your head into the other arm. What does the text ‘dab me up’ mean on the meme?

Dab Me Up

Dab Me Up Meaning Explained

The phrase ‘dab me up’ is derived from the slang word ‘dap me up,’ which is a way of greeting someone. Someone who says ‘dap me up’ requests you to ‘dap’ them. A ‘dap’ is a cordial way of greeting someone, often by shaking hands, pound embracing, fist-bumping, or chest-bumping. However, the phrase has subsequently been altered to ‘dab me up’ to indicate the act of ‘dabbing’ to greet someone.

Dab Me Up

The‘Dab Me Up Meme Is Going Viral

We now understand what ‘dabbing’ is and what ‘dap me up’ means, but where did the meme originate? Although it is uncertain who invented the meme, it is widely used by individuals online to engage with one another. It initially became viral in January 2021, when a YouTube user named DoubleJTheG posted a video in which he bombarded an Insta group chat with the ‘dab me up’ meme until he was thrown off. It has since taken over the internet and is still going viral.

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