How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word

blank page in Microsoft Word

Deleting a blank page in Microsoft Word can be a pain at times, but don’t worry; this guide will simplify it. To begin with, no page in Microsoft Word is truly blank; if it were, you would not be able to view it.


Can’t delete blank page in Word

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to delete page in Microsoft Word.

Delete an unwanted Page in Microsoft Word

Let’s look at how to remove a page from the middle of a document. If you don’t like the formatting in your word document, you can delete it by manually selecting the content of that page and pressing the delete key.

Delete a single page of content in Word

You can choose and delete a single page of content anywhere in your document.

1. Place your cursor anywhere on the page of content that you need to delete.

2. On the Home tab, in the Find group, tap the arrow next to Find and then tap Go To.

3. Type \page and then tap Go To.

4. The content of the page is selected.

5. Tap Close, and then press DELETE.

Delete blank page in Microsoft Word at the end of a document

Ensure that you are in Draft view (on the View menu in the status bar, tap Draft). If non-printing characters, such as paragraph markers (¶), are not visible, on Home, in the Paragraph group, tap the Show/Hide Paragraph mark.

To delete a blank page at the end of the document, choose the page break or any paragraph markers (¶) at the end of the document, and press DELETE.

After your blank page is deleted again, tap on the Paragraph mark to turn it off.

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Delete blank page in Word which could not be deleted

Sometimes you can’t delete a blank page for a variety of reasons, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at how to erase a blank page that can’t be deleted usually.

1. Open the word file and tap on the office button.

2. Now, go to the print option and choose print preview from the options.

3. Afterward, tap on shrink one page to automatically deleted the second blank page.

4. That’s it, you’ve successfully deleted an extra blank page in your word file.

That’s all there is to it; you’ve now learned how to delete blank page in Microsoft Word. So these are all the methods for deleting blank pages in Microsoft Word without a hitch, but please leave them in the comments section if you have any questions.

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