Digital Transformations – Where We Are Going Next in 2021

Digital Transformations

2020 has shown us that even when we have all the tools and technology to monitor, control (apparently), and predict the future, we can still be taken by surprise by life’s dynamics. The good part of it is that unpredictable situations draw our limits and then stretch them to new forms of adaption. In this process, we discover new technologies that will make the digital transformation inevitable at all levels, and push software development to new horizons.

As a result, playing the game of ‘What’s next?” in terms of technology predictions remains a favorite for all digital gurus out here. Will AI and IoT systems make our lives easier? Will data security be threatened by the massive movement in online?

Let’s see what’s trending in 2021.

Remote Work and Migration

Let’s start with the obvious, as it is clearly an aspect that concerns us all – work from home. For some, it wasn’t even an option, though people have been asking for flexibility regarding their workplace for some time. Nevertheless, we are talking about jobs that can be made fully through an internet connection, regardless of the space you work from. During this period, and forced by restrictions, all arguments against remote work went down the drain. This remaining the only option for many companies to continue functioning. And even though, boundaries are getting looser now, employee protection comes first. Furthermore, in 2021 for big tech companies like Facebook or Google, to small businesses, remote work will still stand as an option.

The use and tools’ development that facilitate meetings and WFH as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex has consequently increased. And in addition, the acquisitions of devices and gadgets that assure connectivity has also seen an important growth.

But most important of all, the pandemic and WFH movement has encouraged the migration of employees from the urban site to the rural areas. This will result in bigger investments in infusing these growing communities with technologies and IoT systems, that will recreate the same working conditions as in large cities.

Cybersecurity – a Must

We transitioned our work from the office buildings into our homes in a matter of weeks or even days. This made data security measures even more vital. New layers of security, as well as strengthening the existing ones, became the main concern for companies that work with a large amount of data online. Cyber-attacks have increased 600% on cloud servers in only a few months at the beginning of this year, as many media outlet announced.

Companies will need to expand their safety measures to more devices, and use more AI and Machine Learning to develop smarter tools and algorithms that detect possible threats.

5G Will be Vital

The controversial technology that raised so many conspiracy theories, is actually a key to better connectivity. Our daily life now relies on phones, different kinds of devices, and a significant number of IoT sensors. As a result, reliable connectivity and a larger bandwidth is something we need and crave for.

Especially, when it comes to businesses, being disconnected is not an option. So, the implementation of 5G is essential at this point. And soon enough, 5G phones are hitting the market coming from big companies in the industry like Samsung, Apple or Motorola.

Customer Data Platforms – One-Stop Shops

 During the pandemic, the natural and mandatory transfer of businesses from offline to online meant collecting data exclusively from online sources. But having multiple sources can have a disadvantage when it comes to time-efficiency or data accuracy. This has raised a challenge and created a new priority – Customer Data Platforms (CDP). A one-stop-shop for organized, tagged data, ready to use.

The online generated data is still growing exponentially. Consequently, data collection has become an ecosystem with different collecting points. This will make CDPs even more relevant in the future.

Nevertheless, the digital transformation is ongoing and will either bring in the present older concepts in new forms or create totally new ones that will rewrite our reality.

Read further about what the future holds in the second part of this article.

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