Do You Need an Open Sign for Your Business?

Are signs still relevant? You might ask yourself this question in light of the way social media and other forms of digital marketing strategies have taken the advertisement industry by storm. The trend nowadays is to use Facebook, Google, or other targeted marketing. Surprisingly, signage remains an important form of advertisement even when traditional ones like print and electronic media are on their deathbeds. So what makes signage tick?

When shopping for an item at an outdoor shopping center like a mall, what do you see first? It’s the plethora of signs displayed on each storefront. You will enter a building only after confirming that it’s open. This is made possible by a simple sign for open. The signs also enable other shoppers to locate stores easily and decide whether or not to come in based on the info on the sign. In this article, we look at why open signs remain such an important part of business advertising.

Importance of Open Signs

So why invest in these displays and take the trouble to hang them outside the entrance of your store? Does it make any business sense? The reason a lighted sign for open has become so commonplace is that they are instantly recognizable of all the signs that a business owner would want to use.

Powered by exceptionally efficient LEDs to offer unmatched brightness at night and also during the day, the costs involved to run the sign all-day are negligible. On the other hand, these signs show your customers that you are operating and ready for business. A customer doesn’t have to make a call or check your website to know your operation hours when you have a large sign hanging at the front of your shop.

When you buy an open sign, it comes complete with flashing buttons, an on/off switch, and a power cord so you are ready to go. Your task will be to simply hang it against the windows or anywhere conspicuous enough for maximum visibility. The best thing is that LED signs are easily adaptable. There are so many color and design choices for you to go by, which means you can come up with a unique sign that makes you stand out of the competition.

As a business owner, it may seem obvious to you that you are open and expect that customers should see this without much trouble. But the truth is that these signs remove the guesswork and any doubts out of their minds. Do not let the customer guess whether you are operating or not. It is a lot easier for them to just go on to the next store!

Whether you want an attention-grabbing flashing sign with animated motion effects or just a non-blinking one that conveys the message, you can get anything you like. While the most common color tends to be red, green, or blue also works just fine.

You might argue that signs for open don’t promote your business or talk about an upcoming promotion and therefore aren’t that useful. However, these signs are still important business tools. They add professionalism and legitimacy to your establishment.

Other Benefits of Know You are Open

It Lets Consumers Know Your Business is Open

In the absence of well-designed signage, potential customers and existing ones will hardly know that you are in operation. It’s painful to lose out on sales opportunities just because people didn’t think you are open. Apart from ensuring there is a storefront sign, have an additional bright sign by the window informing customers that you are currently open. It’s why some business owners will use LED open signs or neon signs for their windows. It gives them as much attention as possible.

 Brings in Foot Traffic

Not all the people wake up with plans to visit your business on a particular day, but it doesn’t mean you can’t attract them into your store to take a look at what you offer. With interesting enough signage, you could very well attract people who are just passing to come in and check what you offer. Signage gives you a great opportunity to turn a random guy into a loyal customer. Also, having good foot traffic isn’t a bad thing as it helps you to attain your daily sales targets.

Helps to inform customers about Special Discounts and Deals

When running special promotions and deals, you will want your customers to be fully seized of this matter. This is a great opportunity for them to get into your store and shop. Most people are on the lookout for these deals and promotions and wouldn’t mind walking in to take a look. Signage is important in announcing special discounts and deals you currently offer to bring more people into the business. Once they come in, they may just like your business and become your permanent customers.

It Will Help You Strengthen Your Brand

What happens when you see those famous golden arches? You instantly think of MacDonald’s, right? Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could make your customers recognize your business any time they see your logo?

One of the best ways to strengthen your brand is to create a unique and powerful storefront design. It’s likely the first thing that your customers are going to see. This is what will leave a bad or good impression on them. You should aim to leave a great impression that entices people to come to your store and check out what you offer.

Green Light Innovations make quality signs that make you be distinct from your competitors and bring the customers through the door.


Signage remains a critical advertising strategy today. Signs enable you to advertise to the prospects that are probably looking to buy something, and when you tell them you have it, they may just drop by and check it out. It’s also a far less expensive form of advertisement than most but an effective one at that.

Whether it’s just a sign for open or indoor signs that show directions and inform the customers about product promotions, signs talk to customers who are near your business. When you have outstanding signage, it’s very easy to attract prospects into your shop, and once you do that, you might just convert them into your permanent customers. For more information on how to revamp your business fortunes with quality signs, visit

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