Top EV Charging Solutions For Businesses

Do you wish to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging point at home, workplace, or other locations? Examine the leading EV charging companies that can provide the solution. Environmentalists propose increasing the use of electronic vehicles to save the world from detrimental carbon emissions and end the use of fossil fuels. In addition, by using this mode of transportation, you can make the world more environmentally friendly and habitable for future generations. As a result, the demand for EV charging points is increasing as EVs become more common on the roadways. Read this article to learn which EV charging companies offer the most robust solutions.

EV Growth And Importance Of EV Charging Stations

Private cars are increasing daily despite efforts to promote public transportation worldwide. Typically, vehicles that operate on fossil fuels emit a substantial quantity of carbon, which is the primary cause of global warming and climate change. Here is where electric vehicles, or EVs, come into play. In recent years, EVs have become increasingly popular among those who care about the environment and the world. These vehicles play a crucial role in enhancing air quality and decreasing the likelihood of health risks from air pollution. Due to characteristics such as energy efficiency and minimal maintenance, EV sales have increased globally.

More EVs will necessitate more EV charging stations. People require charging stations in public parking lots, workplaces, hospitals, retail centers, and other public spaces besides residential structures. Now, users want EV charging stations to having advanced features such as network connectivity, smart metering, compatibility with multiple payment methods, and cellular capability. Already, prominent businesses are investing in EV charging stations in partnership with the leading EV charging companies. In more locations, the demand for fast-charging infrastructure will increase over time. In the future, established businesses that have invested in the research & development of charging stations will have a competitive advantage over new market entrants. Here are a few EV charging companies that cater to businesses.

Top EV Charging Solutions For Businesses

EV Charging Solutions for Businesses that you can try.

1. EVgo

EV Charging Solutions

EVgo is a well-known charging company on which business proprietors can rely without reservation. It seeks to expedite the widespread adoption of EVs by providing convenient and cost-effective EV charging solutions via a dependable network. The company offers an extensive network of DC fast chargers in public locations. Its network consists of 850 reliable fast-charging stations in 60+ cities. It is propelled by 100 percent renewable energy, so if you are searching for sustainable fuel for your vehicle, consider purchasing it.

This industry-leading company is committed to maintaining a network uptime of 98%. Using the EVgo app, which is available for Android and iOS, people can observe the real-time availability of chargers. It lets users reserve an EV Go charger, monitor charging sessions, and view session summaries. Because EVgo’s fuel prices are based on regional utility costs, it can offer the most competitive rates in each location. Users can choose between pay-as-they-go and a variety of EVgo Membership arrangements. The company plans to triple the size of its network over the next five years, from over 800 stations to over 3,000 stations.

2. Allego

EV Charging Solutions

Allego has the largest pan-European network of EV fast-charging stations and endeavors to make the experience of EV charging more convenient and delightful. Regardless of vehicle model or network affiliation, EV charging companies offer dependable charging solutions for consumers, cities, and businesses for electric cars, motors, buses, and trucks. Companies and cities that choose Allego’s end-to-end charging solutions can provide vehicles with the necessary infrastructure. The company has over 28,000 operational charge ports throughout Europe, expanding its network daily. Because of its dependable scalability, you can make it your future collaborator.

The company offers a variety of charging solutions for the stations. Companies can choose high-power charging stations for gas stations and wayside restaurants with heavy traffic. These stations present DC fast charging for all EVs and are ideal for taxis and other shared vehicles. Users can use fast charging stations at supermarkets, retail complexes, markets, and meeting places. Guests can charge their vehicles while shopping or dining within an hour. In addition, Allego offers standard AC chargers at hotels and parking garages, which can be used for average and lengthy charging sessions lasting between 1.5 and 8 hours.

3. Enel X Way

EV Charging Solutions

Are you interested in installing top-tier EV charging stations at apartments, green structures, parking, hospitals, college campuses, workplaces, and restaurants? JuiceBox Pro commercial EV charging stations from Enel X Way are the optimal solutions. This prominent provider of intelligent EV charging stations has grid-connected solutions. It also supports worldwide automotive, utility, and business programs. Its fully networked stations can maximize your investment in EV infrastructure while providing a first-rate EV charging experience to consumers, visitors, and employees.

Enel X Way’s commercial smart chargers are also eligible for the U.S. charging incentive. In addition, it provides enormous value to property proprietors so they can easily achieve their sustainability objectives. Its stations offer versatile outdoor and indoor installation options, including wall mounting, pedestal mounting, and hardwiring. In addition to being compatible with models of electric vehicles, charging solutions are also compact and waterproof.

4. Tritium

EV Charging Solutions

Tritium is one of the most well-known EV charging companies, with over 20 years of experience in the automobile industry. It offers businesses advanced and dependable DC fast-charging solutions, enabling them to future-proof their investments using cutting-edge technology. The company designs and manufactures both hardware and software to make electric vehicles. The compact and sturdy chargers that Tritium manufactures are resilient enough to withstand severe outdoor conditions. In addition, this provider of EV charging solutions uses specialized dedicated technology to make the installation, ownership, and use of charging stations at any of your favored locations simple.

5. National EV

EV Charging Solutions

National EV is a clever EV charging company that is comprehensive and available to all businesses. This company is regarded as the leader in the United States regarding comprehensive installations of EV chargers. It continually introduces new models to expand its operating range and reduce costs. Thus, ownership of an EV becomes more profitable. In addition, National EV offers the most effective EV charging products & project management software for administering large installation projects.

This company sells and installs EV chargers and maintains them for businesses wishing to install them on their commercial property. It offers multiple plugs, allowing you to serve multiple customers simultaneously. Using its level three charging solution, you can deliver a fast charge. The stations are simple to install due to the prompt service provided by the company’s team of specialists. The entire procedure is well-managed as National EV uses AI to deliver power.

6. EVBox

EVBox is dedicated to powering a sustainable future for future generations. Since its inception in 2010, this EV charging company has enabled thousands of forward-thinking businesses worldwide to employ electric mobility. In addition, it continues to make transportation more accessible to more people and to keep the environment healthier.

The company offers the infrastructure, expertise, and support required to accommodate evolving charging scenarios. In addition, EVBox provides users with comprehensive services and training for streamlined operation and hardware upkeep. Using its charging management software, businesses can efficiently manage and optimize EV charging solutions in various commercial and residential locations. The software features an automatic payment flow, in-depth charging insights, and complete remote control.

7. ChargePoint

ChargePoint is the best option for those searching for a complete charging solution. Additionally, it has the most extensive EV charging network. Regardless of the scale or industry of your business, it offers the appropriate solutions. You can maintain your customers, visitors, and partners satisfied with the aid of its team of experts. In addition, it facilitates you in locating rebates and incentives for charging while offering the necessary logistics guidance. Finally, it supplies everything necessary to participate in the future-oriented fueling network.

Users can access hundreds of charging points on the most accessible EV charging network in North America and Europe with just one ChargePoint account. In addition, this company’s fleet management software allows you to reconcile operational readiness and invoicing costs regardless of the type of vehicle. Famous industries that use this EV charging service include auto dealerships, new construction, apartments/condos, fleets, education, hospitality, the workplace, utilities, retail, parking operators, cities, municipalities, fueling and convenience retail, federal/state government agencies, and the entertainment industry. The ChargePoint network combines hardware, cloud services, and support. With the combination of these 3 features, it can provide businesses and users with the most seamless experience.

8. Blink

Blink is a leading level 2 EV charger solution provider that enables you to capitalize on the increasing number of electric vehicles. Its team will assist you in operating charging stations at a multifamily dwelling, parking facility, workplace, healthcare facility, educational institution, airport, or any other location. Its EV charging solutions can be found worldwide, including in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and various deployment configurations. In addition, the company offers four versatile business models: host-owned, Blink-owned, hybrid-owned, and Blink as a service.

You may choose one of these options based on your requirements. The company employs a sophisticated cloud computing infrastructure to serve global networks and clients. Its future-proof technology can accommodate the ever-changing EV industry. The Blink Equipment is streamlined and thin, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor settings. Its plug-and-play functionality facilitates easy to recharge. In addition, the Blink app is an excellent utility that lets users locate their closest stations.

9. Webasto EV Solutions

Webasto EV Solutions allows you to invest in a sustainable future by offering EV charging solutions for all types of electric vehicles. Its electric vehicle (EV) chargers can be installed in workplaces, business parking lots, hotels, shopping centers, retail establishments, and airports. As a result, your organization can recruit top talent in the industry and increase employee satisfaction by collaborating with Webasto to establish EV charging points.

The company assists your organization in achieving its CSR objectives and demonstrating environmental leadership. In addition, it will enhance foot traffic by attracting high-income EV vehicles. In addition to augmenting employee productivity, Webasto EV Solutions contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the air quality in your office or home.

10. ABB

ABB is an electric vehicle (EV) charging company that provides the groundwork for intelligent and emission-free mobility. As the global authority in EV charging, it supports all EV charging standards. The company’s mission is to make EV solutions available to anyone, anywhere in the world. ABB is an internet-connected charging infrastructure that offers business-specific charging solutions. Since the chargers are compatible with any service or payment app, they can be used in any location and with any connected services.

ABB offers a comprehensive solution with dependable connectivity, including compact AC wall receptacles and dependable DC fast-charging stations. It facilitates inventive on-demand charging systems for electric vehicles by deploying the infrastructure of the next generation for enhanced mobility. Chargers connected to ABB Ability offer proactive maintenance and ensure fast global service. The company has years of experience designing and maintaining the infrastructures of multiple national charger networks. Businesses can therefore rely on it to install charging solutions for industrial fleets, commercial fleets, public parking, etc.

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The Bottom Line:

Today, electric vehicles account for a significant portion of the transportation market. However, the growth will only be successful if there is sufficient infrastructure for charging stations. Therefore, in addition to the government, businesses should assist EV charging companies in establishing additional EV charging stations and charging points.

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