Five Pieces of Home Tech That Scream Luxury

Smart home technology is prized for its convenience, but it can also be implemented to transform your house from an average abode to a lush home that makes every day feel like a getaway. All of the tech featured in this post will be on the higher end of the price scale, but it never hurts to dream, right? You may splurge and upgrade your home simply for the indulgence, or you could consider some lofty, ultra-modern upgrades that will boost your property value and entice future buyers in the future. Whichever you choose, consider these five choices as the starting point for luxury home smart tech.

A Home Lift

You’ll absolutely love high-tech domestic lifts like these if you’re considering installing one in your home. There are typically two types of customers when it comes to the appeal of in-home lifts and elevators. You have disabled, and senior citizen population, as well as aging pets…the need for a lift isn’t dedicated to humans! With the boomer generation quickly aging, and often aging-in-place in their current homes, a lift becomes as necessary an upgrade as a kitchen or bathroom. Then there are the consumers who don’t necessarily “need” a lift, but rather, it simply makes their lives easier. A personal lift makes it far easier to move furniture, do the laundry and unload groceries. Home lifts increase your home’s functionality, which can also be a major selling point if you’re thinking of putting it on the market.

AI Virtual Assistant

You may not want to have a personal assistant in your house all day, but imagine if your home could do all the same work for you. With a voice-controlled AI, your smart home will be able to do things like adjust the temperature, lock the doors and switch the lights on or off at your command. Systems such as will be the forerunners of AI virtual assistants. uses natural language processing, which means it is a responsive software that modifies its programming the more it gets to know you. It will change its behavior to suit your needs, making it a truly personalized piece of tech that transforms the way you interact with your home. Building out a smart home can be a cumbersome process, and one that involves stringing together multiple pieces of equipment from various brands. That is, unless you are building new construction with home automation and AI in mind. Still, there are technicians and experts that can hook-up your entire home with AI and automation alike.

Heated Floors

No more cold toes or shivers down your spine when you need to go to the loo in the middle of the night. Heated floors are truly an exquisite touch of luxury in your home that you’ll find it hard to live without ever again. Radiant heating floors can also be paired with smart thermostats like Nest to provide the optimal level of comfort at all times. Besides adding a touch of opulence to your home’s technology, heated floors can actually save you money by providing a more thorough dispersion of heat during the colder months. Radiant heating is by far the most efficient way of incorporating heated floors in your home, but one that can be extra costly if you don’t include them in the initial build process. Likewise, there are older models of heating flooring that involved running hot water through pipes that run underneath the flooring. This isn’t quite as energy efficient, but certainly less costly during the upgrade process.

AI Kitchen Appliances

Imagine your fridge letting you know that you’re running low on milk, or a meal planner that fills you in on what ingredients you need to pick up at the store. Smart kitchen appliances are becoming increasingly popular, and they’ll likely become the norm in a few years. Even though top-of-the-line kitchen AI models will still be reserved for luxury homes, why not get ahead of the curve and explore your options? If you’d like to start small, think of a smart pan, which is voice-activated and can even read out the measurements of food while you cook. If you want to build up from there, there are plenty of a-la-carte options as you go, and make sure they properly sync up with the virtual AI assistant mentioned above!

Self-Dimming Windows

Make the most out of your lazy weekend lie-ins with self-dimming windows. You can keep your home cool, preserve heat and protect art and furniture against UV exposure without losing any light if you don’t want to. Aptly dubbed smart glass, this innovation grants homeowners the ability to lower their energy consumption and increase their comfort levels tenfold. You can also look for models that provide greater soundproofing and transform their transparency in a matter of seconds.

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