Fortnite Adds Wolverine Skin – The Challenges So Far

We all like to see new Fortnite items and character grace the Fortnite item shop, and we have seen the arrival of another Marvel character in the form of Wolverine. Bringing with him is a bunch of new Fortnite challenges, a new Fortnite skin, and much more content to delve into for comic book fans.

As the season goes on, we see more Fortnite challenges appearing for the character, which can be completed in different parts of the game’s map.

Finding the Claw Marks locations in Fortnite

So far, we have been tasked with investigating the mysterious claw marks that have been found around the map. A couple of these locations in Fortnite can be found in and around Weeping Woods. The first is found on a pillar within the center of the woods, whilst another is found on an RV that is located to the southeast. Then, head northwest of the bridge to find a stump, where you will find another claw mark. There are even more out there to find, so keep an eye out when you’re out on the battlefield.

Loading Screen Picture Wolverine Challenge

Then, we have another Wolverine challenge in which you need to find the loading screen picture. This gives you a loading screen featuring both Logan and Wolverine, as you continue to work towards the grand prize of the coveted Wolverine cosmetic. You need to get yourself to the Quinjet patrol site to complete this challenge, though where its located is random in every game that you play. Thankfully, you can see where they are landing when playing, you just need to keep a close eye on the blue smoke and find your way there. You can then find the loading screen inside the Quinjet at one of the patrol sites.

As the season rolls on, we are bound to hear more from Wolverine, as we work towards getting the Wolverine skin of the popular Marvel character. As always, it is worth keeping your eye on the Fortnite item shop too for more Fortnite weapons, as we have recently seen changes made to a number of Fortnite guns and more as the season has progressed. There is surely a lot more to come from this chapter in the popular Battle Royale title, so fans will surely be keeping their ears to the ground when it comes to the latest news and introductions being made to the ever-growing game.

Are you working towards the Fortnite Wolverine skin? Let us know in the comments section below!

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