Four Reasons why Your Business should Move to Business Phone Systems

Four Reasons why Your Business should move to Business Phone Systems

As your company grows, the phone lines will also have to follow your expansion. To make it work, you need to find the right system, that will not slow your growth. Business phone systems, which manage your phone lines through the cloud, are the perfect business solution. It will help you save time and money, make sure you stay connected at all time and it will also help you project a professional image.

1 – A Phone System that saves you Time and Money

The old way of treating outgoing and incoming call is completely outdated, in so many ways. First, it requests expensive material, which also takes up a lot of space inside an office. Once you have installed it, you need to keep up the maintenance, which will necessitate specialized support from outside the company. All this costs money and takes time away from you and your employees, which would better be served elsewhere. Not to mention that you will have to keep investing even more as you grow, on all the expenses already mentioned.

Using a business phone system like Aircall, will enable you to add more capacity and features to your phone network, immediately when you need it. Being operated off-site, it liberates the space you previously needed for the material. Also, the advanced features will help your company save even more money, because it costs less than the traditional systems, while still being more flexible. In short you will have:

Less physical material to buy and store Less maintenance and professional support More advanced features


This can be better understood by examining a company’s phone lines. With a business phone system, the employee connects to the network without having his own dedicated phone line. Otherwise, in the old system, each member of the team would have needed to have a phone and jack installed for them. That raises the cost of the installation really quickly.

Thanks to the business phone system, each employee connects to it through an extension assigned to him, which are unique for everyone. This way, employees will share a number of phone lines, simply by connecting.

2 – Connected at all time, anywhere

There are less and less desk telephones. Why? Because today’s business doesn’t only happen when you are sitting inside your office. In fact, as the pandemic showed, a company needs to be flexible, since it may have to keep its employees at home to work there, whenever health reasons may surface again. If you need to worry about the hardware they will be using, it could get complicated. Working with a business phone system, and VoIP, simplifies the whole process and keeps everyone working, anywhere, at all time.

3 – Integrated CRM

A CRM is one of the most important tools a business has. It collects all the data from all users of the system about clients and other persons who connect with it, in one way or another. In the case of a call center, it enables the agent to see all the information the company has regarding the person on the telephone. This includes his last calls, transactions, etc. The number from where the person is calling is recognized by the system, which automatically brings up the clients file on the agent’s monitor. It creates the perfect customized client service possible.

Other departments inside the company can also connect, also through the business phone system, to the CRM. By a click of a mouse, they can record their outgoing calls, which will be logged into the system. Such recordings can be useful in many ways. For example, it can be part of a training, or it could come in handy in a legal dispute, as long as the person at the other end was told, from the beginning, that the conversation was going to be recorded.

4 – Show a Professional Image to Your Clients

With such a phone system, even if you are only one person inside the company, when potential customers or existing clients call you, they will be connected to you as if you were a large office. With waiting music, to keep people holding, and redirection to the right people, anywhere they may be, your company will sound as if it is run professionally.

In a business phone system, the calls can be programmed so that all outgoing ones show up as a unique name on a recipient’s Caller ID. That really helps to provide a brand id and a high-quality image.

Communication is the key for any company to thrive. It is too important not to handle it the right way. In today’s world, that means using a business phone system.

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