Growthoid Review – Is It Safe for Instagram?


It is rare for a company to proclaim that their customer is their number one priority and mean it. Growthoid is one of those companies. They claim to work for their clients, and they mean that.

Without using automation, bots, or fake followers and engagement, Growthoid is known by its clients to provide quality service and support. The services are safe for your Instagram account because they use manual methods of growth based on your audience targeting and under your supervision.

The Instagram platform is a synergetic social media network when you know how to use it. Building your fans and engagement on Instagram would be quite the time-consuming task if not for services like Growthoid.

What is so special about this service?

Growthoid – What is it?

“The most powerful organic growth tool for Instagram,” is the way this company defines its service. They do not use bots, fake Instagram followers, or spam methods to get engagement for you. They offer services that provide purely organic growth with real people behind it all.

Growthoid – How do they do it?

Instagram growth relies on engagement with real, relevant, and active Instagrammers. Growthoid helps you with this time-consuming task starting with these three, account-boosting techniques.

1) Finding profiles that are similar yours is where it all starts. When you provide them with information about your account, be sure to list any accounts that you consider to be competitors, influencers in your niche, and any complementary brands that are similar to your niche. That is how you boost your chances for massive and real growth.

2) Engagement is one of the key elements of winning with Instagram. Growthoid manually likes posts of the followers of your niche competitors, influencers, and complementary brands on your behalf. Maximum exposure will occur when you continue to add relevant profiles to your list.

3) Following back is the reciprocation you can expect from this service. The idea is to engage with Instagram users who have shown interest in your niche so that they will follow you back.

Essentially, you simply create top-notch content, Growthoid engages with your targeted audience (similar profiles, competitors, influencers, etc.), and those people will most likely follow you back because that is how the platform works.

Growthoid – What features come with the service?

This company looks out for their clients, which is made obvious by the client reviews. What features make this possible?

With two plans available, these are the features that are offered by this service.


  • Choice of growth speed – Moderate or maximum depending on your plan
  • Dedicated account manager – Offered with both plans
  • Targeted results – 10 for the Standard plan and 40 for the Premium plan
  • VIP email support – With Premium plan
  • Advanced targeting – With Premium plan
  • Priority onboarding – With Premium plan
  • Blacklisting – With Premium plan
  • Guarantee – 5-day money back if you are not happy and no questions asked

These are the features that help you boost your Instagram presence. If you are looking to make more money and get more traffic to your website, you must create quality content, but also engage on Instagram to reach out to your relevant audience. That is the goal of Growthoid’s features.

Growthoid – FAQs

Everyone has questions about services from companies and Growthoid is no exception. Frequently asked questions help answer the majority of queries from potential clients.

However, if the following and the FAQs on the website do not clear things up for you, you can also communicate via email form from the website and get an answer.


How does it work? After you sign up, you will input your targeting instructions. Much of your success relies on your attention to content quality.

How many followers should I expect? There is no set answer for this. Every account and niche audience is different, therefore engagement and growth will vary.

Does Growthoid work for all industries? Yes.

Why do I need more Instagram followers? To make more money, get more traffic to your website, and get more attention to your products or services.

What makes Growthoid so different? Your satisfaction and success are what make this company thrive. They are there to support you and help you with your success.

How do I get started? You will need your username, password, and your targeting instruction ready. Your services begin after your payment is complete. Your dedicated account manger will soon touch base with you.

Is there a free trial? No, but there is a 5-day money-back guarantee.

Can I get a discount for multiple accounts? You can request a quote. Growthoid works with agencies as well as individuals.

When will I see results? It takes about 24 hours after signing up to get started and results vary depending on the niche and audience.

Is it easy to cancel? There are no contracts on the plans, so you can cancel anytime.

Growthoid Summary

With Growthoid’s 5-day money-back guarantee, there is not much deliberation to do. You know you can try their services with confidence. You do not need a free trial period with this kind of money-back guarantee. They will work with you.

They truly believe in their services and they prioritize their clients, which is one thing that makes them stand out from other such services.

The features offer reliability, consistency, and efficacy for your engagement. As always, your growth speed and timing are dependent on your quality of content, and your niche audience. While there are some other factors that could affect your growth, these are the main ones.

Growthoid is dedicated to helping you get over the bumps and obstacles of Instagram growth by engaging with the most relevant and interested Instagram users for your niche. That is half the battle. The other half of the battle is quality content. The reason this is stressed many times in this review is because it is that important.

When you need to build and grow your Instagram presence, it is smart to know who you are dealing with. Growthoid is a service you can count on to do the right thing.

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