How Can Money Transfer Companies Help Make Remittances to Ghana Easier

International remittances are inclined to a higher ratio in this decade. Global remittances are received in a large number by Ghana due to the largest number of migrants living in different regions of the world. Those people who have associations with their homeland send money to Ghana to support other objectives.

International Remittance Resources

The largest international remittances received in the African region is backed by Ghana. Due to the migrants of Ghana settled down in the different areas of the world. Funds transfer in a significant amount is directed mainly from these people termed as resources for the international remittances. Money transfer companies can resource better accumulation of international remittances by the provision of specific standards.

Remittance Industry and Advantages

The remittance industry has boomed over the past few decades. Professionalism in the concerned business has also been groomed to an extent. Remittances have been in existence for a very long time. Although in these modern years, remittances have become a massive phenomenon in the international financial transfer.


Remittances are becoming a key source of funding for numerous projects in emerging countries. Studies show that remittances are the second largest financial flow that developing countries receive. There exist multiple advantages of the remittance industry. Let us discuss a few significant aspects briefly.

  1. Remittances serve to improve the living standard of families that receive them.
  2. It expedites human capital investments, specifically in increasing the education of children.
  3. It can also help provide food, clothing, and health care.
  4. It reduces poverty and income disparities by advancing the average level of income per capita and helping to standardize the income distribution.

Swift and Secure Transactions

It is the ultimate need of the hour to cast out one of the influential international remittance service providers. ACE Money Transfer provides secure and rapid transactions to Ghana. Updated with advanced tools and technology, furthermore, aims to deliver a better-quality standard for international remittance services. ACE aims to provide maximum security to facilitate the transactions in a bit more secure way.

Low Transactional Cost and Competitive Exchange Rates

ACE Money Transfer entertains the migrants of Ghana residing in different regions of the world by offering the lowest transactional cost and the most competitive exchange rates. ACE always aims to deliver its customers the best deals possible. Instant updates on the data provide better assistance to accommodate customers with the competitive value of the hour.

Best International Remittance Companion

ACE Money Transfer is significantly dominant in the competition of the remittance service providers for delivering excellence in their services. Now you can enjoy smooth and instantaneous transactions with just a few clicks only on ACE Money Transfer. Offer quick and rapid transactions, whether you are sending money to your beloved ones or receiving money. Customers can select a suitable category for the delivery of payments. It is well recognized for hosting various methods for money transfer and receiving procedures. Enjoy countless benefits for sending and receiving remittances to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer.

Payment Transfer Terms to Know

If you plan to send money abroad, you may find different terms and conditions related to transfers. In order to avoid confusion, we explain the most common sentences you will find.

Payment Remittance

This is only synonymous with the key term. In other words it means that you send money to someone else.

Remittance Advice

This is a document a customer sends to a provider stating that their invoice was paid for. The payment is typically included. A sending advice is designed for business transactions rather than for personal transactions. It’s a nice kindness, but it isn’t necessary.

Remittance Address

Also called the remittance or remittance address, this is the address of the person or business that receives the money that you send. Check with the recipient before you submit the transfer request to receive the correct address. This helps to prevent transaction delays.

Remittance Float

The “float” is the time it takes to make a payment.

For example, if you send a wire transfer which takes 7 to 10 working days, the amount of time it takes to deposit the money into the recipient’s account is the payment float.

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