How Do I Use 64 bit Java for Minecraft?

Java for Minecraft

How Do I Use 64 bit Java for Minecraft?This article will show you how to build 64 bits of Minecraft and everything you want to know about running it on a Windows PC.

Well, Gaming is enjoyable, and we can not deny the thrill of running a game on our PC smoothly and lag-free. Lagging or crashes ruin the experience, and the same is the case with Minecraft, as with all other video games. As explained in our post, running the 64-bit version is a better option: Minecraft-Is 32 or 64-bit?. At the bottom of the current item, you’ll find the link to that post.

Running the Minecraft 64-bit version above the 32-bit version on your PC has many advantages. Minor crashes, smoother gameplay experience, and quicker rendering are the most significant ones. Minecraft operates on the Java platform, and the installed Java version is a 32-bit version by default.

64-bit Java for Minecraft is also a requirement that you need to fulfill. This pot is going to show you how to get 64 bit Java for Minecraft for your PC in detailed steps. 


System requirements for running 64 bit Java for Minecraft

It is best first to define the device specifications for running the program to get started with the 64-bit version of Minecraft. For running the 64-bit version of Minecraft, the minimum device specifications are:

  • CPU: APU or equivalent of Intel Core i3 3210 / AMD A8 7600;
  • RAM: RAM 4 GB;
  • Storage: free space of 180 MB to 1 GB;
  • GPU: 4000 series Intel HD Graphics or AMD Radeon R5 / 400 series NVIDIA GeForce or 7000 series AMD Radeon HD;
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit;
  • Resolution Screen: 1027 x 768 or better;
  • Network: Internet Broadband Link.

For the 64-bit edition of Minecraft, the suggested framework specifications are:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4690 / AMD A10 7800 or later;
  • RAM: RAM 8 GB;
  • Storage: free space of 4 GB;
  • GPU: 700-series NVIDIA GeForce;
  • OS: Windows 64-bit 10;
  • Resolution Screen: 1024 x 768 or better;
  • Network: Internet Broadband Link. 

Software prerequisites for installing Minecraft 64 bit

On Java, which is a programming language & platform, Minecraft runs. Well, Oracle released the initial version of Java in 1995. Since its initial launch, the software has dramatically evolved, and now billions of computers and websites worldwide depend on Java.

Java is the platform used by Minecraft to run it, and players have a 32-bit version of Java by default. Therefore, for the Minecraft 64-bit version, you must install and run 64-bit Java. 

How Do I Download Minecraft 64 bit in Windows 10?

How do I get Minecraft’s 64 bit Java? To continue with the 64 bit Minecraft, it’s easy to download Java. Please make sure that your PC has a 64-bit version of Windows 10 installed.

Right-click ‘This PC’ to search it and click Properties. You will be able to recognize the Windows 10 version in a similar picture:

To install 64-bit Java on your computer, follow the steps listed above:

  • Access and open your web browser from the Start Menu;
  • Navigate to;
  • Click on the red button that says “Download from Java”;
  • To complete the installation, follow the prompts;
  • For the modifications to take place, you will need to restart your browser. 

How do I run 64 bit Minecraft in Windows 10?

Now you know how to get 64 bits of Minecraft. Perform the following steps to run 64 bit Minecraft on Windows 10:

Run Minecraft on your computer after downloading 64-bit Java. Make sure it wasn’t working until the 64-bit Java was installed;

  • To set the Minecraft launcher 64 bit, go to ‘Launch options’ in your game;
  • Choose the edition of Minecraft you want to play after that;
  • Next, go to JVM arguments;
  • Add at the end “-d64”;
  • Now click on Save and start the game;
  • To verify if you are running 64 bit Minecraft Java, select Options>Video Configuration;
  • Set “Far” to the Make Distance;
  • If there is no warning, it means that your PC uses 64 bit Java for Minecraft.
  • If an alert is shown, it means that Minecraft does not use 64-bit Java. For the 32-bit version of Minecraft, the Far’ render distance is not designed;
  • Have fun with your 64-bit Minecraft on Windows 10!

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Final Words:

Minecraft is a great fun app and is widely considered one of the world’s greatest and most popular games. You can need to install 64-bit Java for Minecraft on your Windows to get the best performance out of your Minecraft, & how to use 64-bit Java for Minecraft was what our whole article was all about. 

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