How Technology Can Help Your Business Thrive

Now that you’ve launched your new business, it’s only practical that you try to make it the best growing business in town. As you try to improve your products and services, there are a lot of things that you could improve on as you grow your business.

As the modern age has taken into place, it’s only ideal that you adapt with the technology as it can truly make your business transactions easier. With technology, your business will reach new heights and might even surpass competitors who chose not to adapt to the current technology.

Here are the things that technology can help you on:

1. Wearables for Convenience

One of the innovative technology that we have today are wearable. A prime example would be a smartwatch. As the name suggests, a smartwatch can do more than just tell time. It can give you stock market updates, phone notifications, health updates, and even be an extension of your phone with calls and SMS.

If you’re more interested in knowing about the different innovations with wearable, there are wearables conferences in 2021 that could help to provide you better insight on what are the upcoming wearables related to health which could be helpful in the medicine environment.

2. Increases Productivity

If your business relies solely on pen and paper to track your employee’s productivity or just have it listed down in Excel, your business is running behind. With modern technology, you can now have productivity apps that can help your business thrive.

These productivity apps allow your employees to see their daily tasks and be able to track their progress. Both you and your employees benefit from this technology because you’re both aware of what tasks have been completed and what’s left to be done.

3. Meetings Made Easier

If you want to speak directly with your client but they’re miles away from you, you might consider meeting via video call. Not only that you’ll be able to communicate with your client completely, but you’ll also be able to save time and money from traveling and utilize your time for something more useful.

Along with this, if you’re all mostly working from home, a video conference would help conduct a meeting so that you’ll be able to see everybody’s and at the same time be able to collaborate when you need o.

4. Social Media Exposure

Almost everyone is on social media – in fact, according to statistics, there are 3.6 billion social media users in the world. The number of people using social media regularly will make it very easy for you to reach out to your target audience, and even build relationships with new clients.

With the advent of technology, it’s now very easy for your business to create and implement robust social media marketing strategies. For one, there are now apps that allow you to create videos and then easily publish this content online. You can also make use of photo-editing apps, and an automatic scheduler so you can regularly update your business’s social media profile with high-quality photos.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management or CRM apps help your business build better rapport between you and your customers. CRM is a technology that is utilized by businesses to manage interactions with existing and new customers.

CRM makes use of forms, search engines emails, and phone calls to track a business’ interaction with customers. This software can significantly improve your business’s relationship to your customers because this can provide you better knowledge of your customers, easily segment them, and anticipate their needs. The information you can gather from your CRM can provide all of this information, making it easy for you to retain existing customers and even gain new ones.

Aside from improving customer relationships, CRMs can also help your business improve its processes. The information you can gain from this software will allow you to determine which skills do your employees need the most in order to provide better service. With this, you’ll know which training or workshop to invest to hone your employees’ skills.

6. Web-Based Payment Systems

Having a web-based payment system allows your user to pay directly through your website after they’ve decided which product or service to buy. It’ll be convenient and would ensure that you’ll have fewer abandoned checkouts and have more completed transactions.

Not only does it make life easier for your customers, it can also help you. A web-based payment system allows you to have a better tracking system for your payments and be able to receive payments faster, too.

7. Better Customer Support

Back in the day, customer supports are done solely through phone calls. While that can provide fast results about your customers concerns, it runs the risk of the customers being held on the line for too long. When a customer is put on hold for a long time, they get the impression that you’re not cut out for handling customer support or you just simply don’t care about their feedback.

All of these can be avoided with the right technology. When you provide great customer support, there’ll be higher chances that they’ll be happy customers, increasing loyalty and visibility.

Start by allowing your customers to send their concerns to the e-mail address provided on your website’s Contact Us page, social media accounts, calling cards, and other collateral. Along with this, you could also provide live chat support or chatbots that are either web-based or social media-based.

When you create more channels for your customers to be able to contact you, they’ll highly appreciate your availability and would just be expecting to receive a response 24-48 hours with an email and instantly with live chat support.  When you’re adding e-mail as a way of contacting you, you should be able to respond to them within 24 hours for better turnover.


As technology improves, your business should improve with it. You should adapt to the new technology as it would certainly help your business to thrive. When customers see that your business is up to date with technologies, they’ll be able to trust your company more as you’re able to keep up with the trend and can even leave behind your competitors.

These 7 things would surely be a great help in improving your business and making it a great one in the long run. Just make sure that you pair it with enough hard-working employees to pay it off.

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