How to Create the Perfect Instagram Video with Crello

With so much content and ad types lurking around every corner, users don’t trust standard marketing tricks anymore. They are more likely to follow and buy from brands that offer emotions, positive experiences, and impressions. Based on that, experts predict that animated video marketing will call the shots in 2021.

Why video?

As already mentioned in our blog post about creating videos for sales promotion, 74% of users are more likely to buy after they have watched a video about the product. Also, 88% of marketers report that video provides them a positive ROI because it fosters more human interaction and helps them connect with customers at a more personal level.

Users spend about 100 minutes every day watching videos. On social media, the role of Instagram stories and animated videos grow. All this leads us to the need for generating more video content and designing it so that it would engage a broader audience to our social media accounts.

That is where tools like Crello come into place.

Crello is an online design tool aimed at creating animations and graphics for social media and web content. It offers tons of customizable templates and instruments to make your Instagram videos stand out. Even with zero design skills, you can craft original and stylish visuals that will attract the audience and new followers.

In this post, you will learn how to create perfect Instagram videos with Crello.

1) Choose a Necessary Format

When it comes to Instagram content creation, Crello offers several formats: At the website, you can choose among Instagram covers, posts, stories, and video stories.

Given that animated explainer videos are among the top marketing trends this year, Instagram video maker from Crello could be your best choice: It provides objects and instruments for designing animated content. So, this is your first step:

  • Type the “Instagram video story” into Crello’s search – and you’ll see a massive library of customizable templates to consider for your future content.

As a rule, an animated explainer video on Instagram is under one-minute length. It allows you to reveal your or your brand’s personality through illustrations and custom animation styles. It’s your chance to describe complex business ideas and represent long stories in a fun form. Such content is more entertaining and engaging, and social media users will more likely consume it right to the end.

2) Pick a Customizable Template From The Library

Crello’s library offers 30,000+ customizable templates for different content types. Here you will find templates for social media posts, web and print marketing content, ads, etc. So, once you’ve chosen a necessary format, it’s time to pick a template from the list of ready-made designs.

Feel free to select templates by your niche or topics you would like to cover with your video. Business, food, fitness, marketing, education – Crello covers everything.

3) Edit All The Elements The Way You Want

Now it’s time to get the most out of Crello’s artboard and customize a chosen template to your marketing or personal needs. The instruments are many:

  • Feel free to remove or add objects to your Instagram video story template.
  • Check a massive media library of Crello’s images, videos, and animations to decide which one to use in your template.
  • You can also download files to Crello and then use them for your video’s design.
  • Add texts to your template: Choose among dozens of different font types and sizes.
  • Change colors and backgrounds. Add music.
  • Labels, emoticons, banners, frames – pick any elements you need to design your video so that it would follow your brand’s identity, character, and tone of voice.
  • Animate your video. Crello provides around 10,000 animated templates and animated objects so that you could make visuals for your marketing materials eye-catching.

Try the mix of animation and live-motion in your video content this year. It’s another marketing trend of 2021:

Imitating the augmented reality, it makes videos more stand-out and exciting to watch. Fun animated characters and environments you add to live videos surprise the audience and allow you to introduce concepts in the most unusual and unexpected ways.

4) Download And Share Your Instagram Video

Once you’ve finished customizing and editing your Instagram video in Crello, now it’s ready to download and share with the audience.

You can do that from your Crello interface directly. Or, feel free to save it to your computer or mobile device in the most suitable format to share it later. When you create a Pro account in Crello, you can download as many designs as you need and invite other users to design graphics and videos together.

Feel free to save your designs in the following formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, and GIF. Also, you can resize your ready designs to influence their load speed:

As we know, users become overfilled with content today, and they have a super-short attention span. They won’t wait for your videos or other interactive assets to download; they will lose temper, give up, and go to your faster competitors. To avoid that and improve the user experience of your social media accounts and websites, resizing may come in handy.

5) Follow The Best Video Content Creation Practices

When you decide on which content type and presentation to choose, please think of the most convenient format for your audience. In the case of Instagram videos, everything is simple:

  • Use vertical video templates. (According to experts, such videos have a 90% completion rate, meaning that 90% of people watch it to the end.)
  • Keep your videos short. (As already mentioned, users won’t spend much time reading long descriptions, watching long videos, or waiting for your content to download.) Try making them under two minutes long.
  • Many users watch videos auto-played silently on both Instagram and Facebook. So make animations and other visual elements speak: They need to be dynamic and “tell” the story without words. Text elements or subtitles in videos can help to solve this problem too.
  • If you want the audience to recognize your videos in their feeds, design them with your brand identity in mind: Choose templates that fit your brand colors most, customize the logos, fonts, and tone of voice accordingly, add animations of your mascot (if you have any), etc. The trick is to stay authentic and consistent across all the marketing channels you use for communicating your message.


Instagram videos are a must-have for both personal and business brands willing to engage the audience and grow revenue. This content type is an essential part of your strategy in 2021 because it helps consumers see, hear, and understand your brand better. More than that, animated videos and commercials are an excellent way to stand out from other users and your brand’s competitors in today’s overcrowded online world.

So why not get the most out of video creation for your marketing success? Use tools like Crello to create original Instagram videos, animated stories, animated explainer posts, and other types of interactive content – and your target audience will find you.

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