How to Download & Install IGG Games (Complete Guide)

IGG Games

Technologies play an essential role in our lives, whether for Gaming fun or work. Everyone now owns a smartphone, whereas most have a PC or a laptop. These devices come in handy for various things, but most especially for video gaming. And to play, you require to buy the games you like. But if you wish to download one for free, check out IGG Games.

If you have not heard of this website, IGG Games offers unofficial releases of video games. This site hosts many types of games on its portal. It has a massive range of games, so it probably contains every game you can imagine. Anything from Sandbox Games to FPS Games, all here. The website uploads a copy of any newly released Game for its users to download free. One thing is that all the games on this site are advert injected.

Are you Ready to Download and Install IGG Games now? There are many ways to Download Games on your PC or Laptop you can do so, choose the one that suits you as per your requirements.

How To Download IGG Games

To install a Game on your PC, you’ll need to download the Daemon tool and WinRAR. If you do not have one yet, follow these instructions to install it.

Install Daemon Tool:

Daemon Tool is essential software for installing your IGG Games. The software’s default language is Russian, but do not worry. We will show you how to change the language below.

Download the Daemon tool on their site. Once you have finished downloading, open the file.

When you open the file, you’ll see two buttons on the bottom. Click the one on the left.

And the next window will prompt you for a language. Just choose the ones shown below to change the default language to English.

Choose the path where you need to install the Daemon tool and tap it on the picture below.

There you’ve it; you have now installed the Daemon tool.

Install WinRAR:

If you still do not have WinRAR installed on your PC or laptop, you need to install it to download IGG games. Simply follow these instructions to install:

Do check if your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit. When you know which one you’ve, download the 32-bit or 64-bit WinRAR. Download a key as well because you’ll need this later to crack the software.

When downloaded, open the file. It’ll prompt you with the “License Agreement” screen, just tap install to continue.

Must ensure you tick all the boxes like the image shown below. Tap, “Ok.

On the next screen of the WinRAR set-up, tap“Done.

Once you have installed WinRAR, open its folder from the program files or wherever you have chosen to install it.

Extract the key you had downloaded before and opened the file also. Copy the “rarreg.key” to the opened in WinRAR folder. It’ll ask you if you want to replace the existing file, just tap yes.

You’ve now installed WinRAR and can proceed to download your game.

How to Download and Install IGG Games

After installing Daemon Tool and WinRAR, you can now start installing. It’s swift and easy. Check out the steps or instructions below:

Go to and choose the game you wish to download.

Once you have found the game on website, scroll down to the bottom part of its page, and see a section called “Download Links.” Most links are working unless otherwise specified so. Select whichever and tap the link.

Afterward clicking the link from the “Download Links,” it will redirect you to another page. Just follow the instructions that will display on the new page. Usually, it will only ask you to wait for a couple of seconds before the download button look. Once the download button appeared. Tap it. Wait for the file to download.

Now that you’ve downloaded your game, all you require to do is to extract the file. Must ensure to turn off your firewall or antivirus before obtaining and installing it. It is so that they won’t block or delete the cracked files during installation. To extract your data, simply right-click the file and choose “Extract Here.” It will automatically extract the data.

After extracting the cracked files, three different cases might happen. To continue, select which case your cracked file has from the scenarios below.

Case 1: .iso File

After extracting the files, you get the .iso, .mds, .cue or another file type apart from .exe. Follow these instructions:

Right-tap the .iso, .mds or .cue file. Tap Daemon Tool > Mount To > (Filename). it will mount the .iso file on your laptop or Computer.

Go to your PC and find the drive that’s mounting your .iso file. Tap the drive.

Once you are in the folder, click the .exe file. It will open up a dialogue box.

If you want to modify the installation path, you can do so under the “Installation Directory.” This step is optional.

Tap “Install.” Once the installation is successful, you’ll see “Successfully Installed” appear below. Click the “Finish” button.

On the same folder where you found the .exe file, you’ll see a folder that says “Codex.” In some cases, this folder might display as  “Reloaded,” “Skidrow,” “Plaza,” “HI2U”. Whichever it is, open that folder.

When you are in the folder, all you’ve to is to copy all of its contents. All of it.

Open the folder of the game you mere installed from your program files. Afterward, paste all copied items into this folder. These items that you’ll paste will be the crack of your game.

After pasting, you’ll get a message that there’s already a file with the same name in the location. Choose “tap and Replace.”  Must ensure to check the option on the bottom part. You’ve now installed an IGG game. Enjoy!

Case 2: Set-up File

Follow this instruction if your extracted cracked file is a set-up file. The name of the set-up file differs.

Double-tap the set-up file and follow the step-by-step instructions during installation. And that’s it! You’re good to go.

Case 3: No File

So you’ve opened the extracted file, and you cannot see a .iso or .exe file? Don’t worry! It means that you need not do anything and just play the game right away. It means that they’ve already included crack before uploading the game to the site.

How to Download IGG Games via Torrent:

Do you think the above method is tiresome or monotonous? No need to anxious because you can download IGG games through Torrents. There’s a vast majority of folks who have used torrent sites before, so overall, it’s pretty safe. (This, of course, still relies on the sites you use.)

To do this method, make sure that you’ve got a torrent software installed on your PC. If not, please install one. But if you have not, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Go to the IGG Games Torrent site.
  • Look for the Game you desire to download. Say you want to download Fortnite. Find the title and tap it. They’ll take you to the game description page. On the bottom part, you’ll find the “Download Links” section. Tap on any link.
  • After tapping the download link, then a new tab will open. Follow the instructions then wait for the Download button to become visible. Once downloaded, tap the file. It’ll automatically open your torrent client and start your download. Wait for it to finish, you’ve downloaded an IGG Game. All you require to do now is relax with your PC controllers and play the game.

Is IGG Games safe to use?

Before downloading games or movies on any website, it’s wise to research its safety. In this case, many review websites have verified that numerous users have tried IGG Games. Some of them have been using the website for a very long time now and have not seemed to encounter any issues.

You might encounter slight troubles with the site. But it comes first from 1500+ famous sites to download games worldwide. Ignoring the flagrant adware, everything else is pretty safe and secure to use. But if you are anxious about inviting any malware into your device, We recommend using Windscribe VPN for optimal security.

Is IGG Games Legal?

The answer to this query is dependent on your location. Downloading Games from IGG Games is just merely like torrenting. Several countries have banned downloading from torrent sites. Additionally, the laws created by their Government restrict its citizens from using these torrents. Some gamers decide to find their games somewhere else.

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