How to Easily Setup a Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is battery-operated, and Wi-Fi enabled. This HD video doorbell lets homeowners see and speak with visitors from anywhere by streaming live audio and videos of a home’s front doorstep to the free iOS or Android apps. Built-in motion sensors detect movement up to 30 Feet—HD video records and stores to the clouds, which can be accessed via the Ring app. Quick and easy to set up, mounts and syncs in minutes and built-in battery, can also be powered through your existing doorbell wires.

Setting up your Ring doorbell may be a natural action. If you latterly got this smart video doorbell, follow the steps below to form the device work properly. All you would like is that the unit itself, a smartphone, and a WiFi connection. Here’s the way to found out your Ring video doorbell:

Note: These steps or instructions are merely for the first-generation Ring Video Doorbell, not for the Ring Video Doorbell 2, and the Pro/Elite models.

Setting up Ring Video Doorbell

To Get Started Setting up your Ring video doorbell, you need to ensure it undergoes a Clean setup process and proper Ring Video Doorbell installation. These steps are easy and straightforward, and it won’t take most of your time while setting up your Ring Video Doorbell.

1. Download and launch the Ring App. The Ring Video Doorbell App is out there for download on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and, therefore, the Google Play Store for Android devices. Alternatively, you’ll also download the app directly from their website at

2. In the app, click Create Account. after that follow the Steps on-screen instructions to create a new account. It will involve entering your first and last name, your country, email address, and a password.

3. Open your confirmation email and click verify.

4. Sign-in to the app and tap Set Up a Device > Doorbells.

Setup a Ring Doorbell

5. Use your mobile to scan the QR Code or MAC ID on the rear of your Ring device. You’ll also find this QR code within the Quick Start Guide that came with the Ring device. And when a Green Line or green box appears over or around the code, you’ll proceed to the subsequent step.

Note: If you cannot scan the code, tap “Set Up Without Scanning > Ring Video Doorbell” to proceed to the remainder of the steps.

6. Set your Location. Type in your address & then confirm.

Note: Few features of your doorbell will not function if you don’t specify your location. These features include motion scheduling, light schedule, or dispatching emergency services through Ring Alarm.

7. Setup a Reputation for your Ring doorbell. You’ll choose one among the set names or create a custom name.

8. Press the orange button on the rear of your Ring device. It’ll activate Setup Mode on your Ring doorbell. You’ll then see a spinning white light on the front of your doorbell.

9. Tap Continue on the Ring app.

10. Connect your mobile to your Ring WiFi network. On IOS devices, go to Settings > WiFi > and tap the Ring WiFi network. If you are using Android, then swipe down from the top of your screen, click Wi-Fi, and click the Ring WiFi network. The system will be named something like Ring-123456.

11. Then connect the Ring doorbell to your Wi-Fi. Make sure to connect to the Wi-Fi network closest to where the Ring doorbell will be installed. Enter the password & connect when prompted.

Note: Once your doorbell connects to the internet, it probably update its internal software. You’ll see a flashing white light in the front of the Ring device. Wait until the flashing light stops to continue set-up.

Warning: Must remember, don’t ring the doorbell while it is updating its internal software.

12. Test your doorbell when its update is complete. Hit the front button to make a test call.

Dear Readers, now that you know how to setup your Ring Video Doorbell, check out our Guides to install a Ring doorbell without an existing doorbell.

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