How to Enable Webcam

Knowing how to enable a webcam is not that hard since there are actually many ways to do it. If you know people who more or less dealt with webcams then these people would be more than happy to teach you the ways to do it. Besides, it is not that hard and you can rest easy knowing you got that out of the way. If you did not know then that is where we come in as we will teach you how to enable your webcam in just a few simple steps that even a kid can pull of. Better stop what you are doing right now the moment you take home your newly bought webcam and follow these simple steps:

Click on Windows Icon

The Windows icon is located at the lower-left portion of the screen. This is also known as the Start menu so everything will show up when you click on it. There will be links to everything you can think of but you don’t need those things. Relax and just settle on enabling your webcam for now. It is possible to go to the Search bar for easy access. However, what you need is located not far away from the Windows icon so you don’t really have to do that anymore. You go to the Windows icon for a lot of things so you’ll do this often.

Go to Settings Menu

Of course, this is also known as the gear icon so you should do it in a hurry. The settings of many of your computer’s noteworthy stuff are all there so you can just set it right in motion regarding what you would want to happen in those areas.

Go to Privacy

The default settings for this option were set for your protection so you would need to change things up a bit. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going back to Privacy every now and then. There will be times when you would feel a bit uneasy with the whole privacy thing. Of course, settling all that would mean just clicking a few things and you will be done with what you do as of the moment.

Select Camera

The ‘Camera’ option is not that hard to find as it is located somewhere at the bottom part of the middle. When that happens, you are one step closer to activating this amazing option. You can rest assure you are going to be so happy when it is all over. Just when you thought you wanted to get so many things accomplished at once, you would want to be a bit solid about it all.

Tick Allow Apps to Access Camera

When you allow this option, you will finally be able to enable the camera. It is possible other apps such as Skype and Zoom will also have access to the camera. Hence, this task does a lot of things for you when you do it at a time when you need it the most. There will be some options there that you will end up ticking in the near future so now you know where they are located.

Now that you know how to enable a webcam, it is evident the next thing to do would be to test your webcam. What better way to do it than to head over to this website as it is the most reliable way to do so. The good news is that it won’t really take too much of your time as everything will explain itself to you. As a matter of fact, you can get right down to business when you look at the camera and see if you can spot yourself doing the things you are doing right now. If it is a clear shot then that is definitely good news. Believe it or not, you can actually test your webcam numerous times until you finally feel that it is good to go. Besides, there is nothing wrong with double-checking what you just need as it is all about trying to prevent any mishaps when you suddenly have online business meetings.

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