How to Know if You Need a Dedicated Server for Your eCommerce Site

With eCommerce sales up nearly 15 percent in 2019, it makes sense that more businesses are turning to eCommerce as a means of selling products and services. Whether your company is in the process of launching an eCommerce platform or has had one in the works for some time, security must remain a top priority.

By relying on a dedicated server for your eCommerce hosting, you can enjoy unrivaled security, enhanced protection, and additional peace of mind when it comes to keeping your data (and your customers’ information) safe. And of course, a dedicated server can provide your business with some added benefits as well.

Let’s take a closer look at what sets dedicated hosting apart from other solutions and how a dedicated server can keep your eCommerce platform running smoothly.

What Is a Dedicated Server For eCommerce?

When companies select hosting options for an eCommerce platform, they’re often left choosing between a few common solutions. Of course, there’s the option of self-hosting your own server, which gives you maximum customization and control. However, self-hosting is expensive and requires extensive technical knowledge, making it impractical for many business owners.

A popular alternative is shared hosting, which involves using a third-party web server that’s shared with a number of other accounts. The server’s resources, including bandwidth and memory, are split among each user. This makes it one of the most affordable options, but because all resources are shared, there may be issues with lag, as well as an overall lack of customization features.

For many businesses looking to host an eCommerce site, a dedicated server offers the best of both worlds. With a dedicated server, you won’t have to share resources with anyone else, which can improve both your website speed and security. Still, you’ll get to enjoy the convenience of having a third-party provider house and maintain all of your server hardware. That way, you can focus on growing your business.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server For eCommerce

Not sure if dedicated hosting is right for you? Below are just a few reasons to turn to a dedicated server for your company’s eCommerce website:

Optimize Your Website Speeds

No paying customer wants to deal with slow page-loading times when they visit your eCommerce site to make a purchase. In fact, an online retail performance report by Akamai found that even a page-load delay as small as 100 milliseconds can result in a seven percent lower conversion rate. Likewise, a two-second delay can increase a page’s bounce rate by as much as 103 percent.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to do everything you can to optimize your eCommerce site’s speed. Using a dedicated server is one of the best ways to do this, as 100 percent of your server’s resources will be allocated to your website at all times.

Protect Customer Information

These days, data security is a major concern – especially among online retailers that are frequently collecting sensitive data, such as customer payment information. Your eCommerce website needs to be as secure as possible to protect not only your data but that of your customers as well. Utilizing a dedicated server for your eCommerce hosting improves overall security and makes your site less prone to data breaches. This, in turn, can help to protect your company’s reputation and allow you to earn more trust among your customer base.

Enjoy Around-the-Clock Support

Even a brief disruption in your site’s uptime can result in significant profit losses. For this reason, you want to make sure that your web hosting company can be reached at all times in the event of a server outage or other problem. The last thing you need is to be unable to contact someone for help if your site’s server goes down in the middle of the night.

When you choose to host your eCommerce website on a dedicated server, you’ll likely enjoy 24/7 customer service and support. This means that if you have a question or concern, you’ll be able to get ahold of a knowledgeable professional who can assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you can minimize downtime and any other issues with your eCommerce site’s server.

Get Added Peace of Mind

Any reputable dedicated hosting company will offer some kind of uptime service-level guarantee. Therefore, you can rest assured that your server will always have the power, climate control, and other resources needed to function. This kind of guarantee can give eCommerce site owners added peace of mind knowing that their website will remain accessible at all times.

The Bottom Line on eCommerce Dedicated Hosting

If your business relies on eCommerce revenue, then hosting your website on a dedicated server is a no-brainer. When it comes to your customers’ data, your site’s uptime, and your page-loading speeds, there simply isn’t any room for error – and dedicated hosting can provide the reliability you need to succeed.

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