How to Lock WhatsApp And Telegram With Face ID on iPhone

lock Whatsapp and Telegram with Face ID

Hey guys, Need step-by-step guidance on how to lock WhatsApp and Telegram with Face ID on iPhone?

You can use the Face ID lock feature on your iPhone for the ultimate security of your social media platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram. Here in this article, I explicitly explain how to lock Whatsapp and Telegram with Face ID quickly and easily.

Face Recognition, launched in 2017 with iPhone X, is generally acknowledged as the universal specification for facial unlocking. Mainly, Facial Recognition often evolves to improvements in your face such that although you have gained a beard or added over a beauty make-up, unlocking your iPhone is snappy.

Please remember that you’ll be required to validate your identity using your security code if you encounter any problem with your Face ID. You will keep responding to calls and sometimes even react to notifications from alerts even though you have closed WhatsApp, Telegram with Facial Recognition.

WhatsApp Lock/Unlock Via iPhone with Facial Recognition

1. Through your iPhone, open WhatsApp.

2. Now, press the Settings button at the base of the display’s right-hand corner.

3. Then, press the Account button.

4. Then, press the Privacy button.

5. After that, press the Screen Lock button.

6. Then, click on the toggle adjacent to the Require Facial Recognition button. After that, for 1 min or 15 mins or 1 hour, you can opt to encrypt WhatsApp instantly when you exit the app.

I would suggest you start with the “Instantly” alternative for more excellent benefits. In the future, using Facial Recognition, you would be able to open the chat app. Remember that you will also respond to alert notifications and reply callings even though the app is closed.

Telegram Lock/Unlock via iPhone with Facial Recognition

1. Install the iPhone’s Telegram app.

2. Then, press the Configuration button at the base of the display’s right-hand corner.

3. Click Privacy and Security then.

4. Then, press the Face & Passcode Identification button.

Note: If you want to set up Face ID for Telegram, you have to set up a passcode for Telegram then you will be able to set up Face ID.

5. And then up, switching the Facial Recognition Unlock switch on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one trigger WhatsApp’s Facial Recognition?

Fortunately, WhatsApp permits one to use a passcode or FaceID to secure the app. In February, WhatsApp allowed this configuration for iOS, and supposedly it carried out just fingerprints for Android phones.

Why did Google Withdraw face unlock?

When the latest devices and apps are some hint, it appears that Google expects a world through unlocking the face of operating systems. Both the latest Pixel 3 and 3 XL don’t even have face unlocking installed, and the “trusted face” function has been withdrawn from Software.

How do I enable the Face ID?

In Settings, go to Lock Screen & Passcode, and then from there, you need to find the Face Recognition option. From there, you can enable it easily.


That’s how WhatsApp and Telegram can be locked on the iOS device employing Facial Recognition. Because it is always best to provide an added protection to prevent unauthorized access, to maintain your confidential info, so this was our step-by-step guide to help you add Facial Recognition to messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram.

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