How to Make Crypto Users Interested in Your Project

Can you believe that Bitcoin was released over 10 years ago? So many cryptocurrencies and other related technologies were developed since the first apparition of Satoshi Nakamoto, which is really inspiring.

But all of these came with a downside. With so many options for users to choose from, how can you make a name out of your own crypto project? If you are interested, keep reading this article and you’ll find out!

How Can You Make Your Crypto Project Stand Out?

A lot of factors influence crypto users when it comes to choosing a project to invest in. There are over 7,000 cryptocurrencies out there, so it may not be that easy to get clients. But most of these projects lack some key aspects that you could take advantage of.

Therefore, when you start your project, be sure to check the following aspects:

1. Be trustworthy!

Over the years, there have been numerous crypto projects that tried to scam users. That made users a lot more skeptical, so they will thoroughly research your project before deciding it’s worth their time and money.

You need to prove your authenticity, so don’t forget to provide your audience with comprehensive information about your company and your services. It’s a good idea to also add your license and approvals.

Some companies even add links to the LinkedIn profiles of CEOs, so that users can have an idea about the company’s expertise.

2. Be friendly!

After you prove your reliability, you need to make sure that the crypto users feel welcome. It’s not easy to join the crypto world, and misinformation can lead to unpleasant events. Experienced or not, users will stay away from unfriendly platforms.

Therefore, try making your website and tools easy to understand, regardless of your users’ expertise. Provide them with organized information, a FAQ section, or even 24/7 support from your team.

3. Get yourself known!

Truth to be told, making your project friendly and reliable is in vain if people simply can’t find you. In other domains, you just need some SEO knowledge and you’re assured. But the crypto industry has a huge competition going on, so you need to step up your strategy.

One of the best ways to obtain awareness is through display advertising, which can put your name right in front of your future clients. The key factor to have a successful encounter is by choosing to run your ads on relevant websites.

4. Be active!

If you want to be sure that people find you and don’t forget about you after a couple of minutes, then you should definitely make yourself present on social media. After all, this is where your users spend most of their time.

And don’t stop just by launching your social media pages. Keep people updated with your features or changes in the market. You can also provide your followers with tips & tricks about your product.

However, be sure to post relevant information, otherwise, you’re set to become exhausting and annoying – you sure don’t want that.

5. Provide benefits!

After you checked all of those things, you need to offer your new users a reason to stay. It is true that now your competition has decreased significantly, but you still have to stand out from the remaining competitors.

Therefore, take advantage of giveaways, bonuses, contests, and anything in between.

Why are they so important?

When you open a business, it is essential to develop a relationship with your clients, because your aim isn’t to obtain some visits, but loyalty. It’s much more profitable to have a client who invests $20 daily than having a client that pays $200 once.

Furthermore, cryptocurrencies were developed to the demands of millennials, who are known for their love of communication.


Besides taking into consideration our advice, it’s a good idea to put yourself in the mind of your clients. Think about what attracts you to a crypto project, what makes you want to join, and be sure to implement that in your own project.

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