How to Make eCommerce Web Design Better in 2021

How to Make eCommerce Web Design Better in 2021

Are you an internet marketer, an online store owner or a designer looking to make your brand better? Well, there’s no better place for you to learn how to scale up your e-commerce hustle.

Owning an E-commerce Website is a very important aspect of making online sales but that does not mean that’s all you need to do. Owning a website and getting killer products is all good, but what about your website design? Website design is very important for any internet entrepreneur – that’s because your website is like your physical mall or store. If your store looks dirty, shabby, generic or unorganized then people won’t be motivated to buy your products.

So if you want to make a good impression on your customers and also get them to patronize your store you have to invest in a good custom ecommerce web design. Getting a custom ecommerce web design increases your chances of making a sale, gaining repeat customers and an overall good rating.

Tips to Making eCommerce Web Design Better

An E-commerce web design particularly involves things like: a stylish and informative homepage design, a simple product page design to facilitate purchase, an about us page and so on.

However as a website designer, if you want to go above and beyond the call of duty, you can also make some tweaks to the website to improve its whole outlook. Making your E-commerce website design better is something that the designer and website owner can do. This endeavor would greatly benefit your website in the long term and also increase organic traffic to your website.

Here are some of the things you can do to make your E-commerce web design better:

1. Branding

Getting an eCommerce web design is a huge investment and would definitely make your online store look more appealing to customers. But do you know what would make your web design better and give you an unmistakable edge? Selling branded products and including the brand logos in your website design would surely improve the look and feel of your website. This would also improve customer’s trust and your brand’s credibility.

2. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most online store owners and even website designers overlook the importance of SEO in website design. Including search engine optimized words, phrases, keywords and descriptions in the home page, about section, product description, etc., of your E-commerce website would increase visibility and also potentially increase the amount of organic traffic that your site gets every day.

SEO is like a cheat code to Google and other search engines’ algorithms.

3. Using quality product pictures

Another thing that can make your e-commerce web design better is clean and high quality images. Remember that the designer can only do so much, the person that has to manage the website is you. So when updating your catalogue with product pictures or any other images, make sure that those images are of the highest quality. Also make sure the color of the pictures does not clash with the web design of your product page. It is very important that everything rhymes or complements each other. And keep in mind that customers won’t buy a product that looks grainy, blurry or rough. Clean images always.

4. Simple and easy user interface

Having a complicated user interface can easily distract or discourage a customer. The aim of having a good eCommerce web design is to motivate purchases and also drive traffic to your site. To do this you must make on-site navigation as easy and simple as possible. While at this, you should also try to make the purchase or buy button very prominent and “button-like”. In essence, a simple and seamless navigation will make your e-commerce web design better.

5. Mobile-friendly Optimization

Getting a responsive and classy web design is all well and good but what happens when your website design is only compatible with laptops and computers? It is estimated that more than half of all e-commerce websites are opened from mobile devices (phones, tablets) and you can be sure that the number will only improve as technology gets better. So if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile use, just know that you’re losing a huge amount of customers and money.

Interestingly, sometimes web designers would claim that they have built a great mobile optimized website but when the website gets opened on a mobile device, everything goes haywire – CTA links don’t work properly, categories don’t look as they should and the design seems patchy or disjointed. Therefore you should make sure to test run your E-commerce website on various devices to ensure that everything works as it should.

Bottom Line

The goal of an eCommerce web design is to facilitate sales and increase traffic to the website – the best way to do that is by making web design as simple and elegant as possible.

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