How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos? Best Methods

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos? Here’s Best Methods: Over 300 hours of video are posted to YouTube every minute. As over 5 billion videos are watched daily on the social video-sharing behemoth, it helps maintain libraries full. As a result, a large number of videos are removed from the site for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the uploader decides to do so; other times, YouTube regulates it through content policies. Losing your favorite videos is always a disappointment for any reason.

Is It Possible To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can watch deleted YouTube videos! While there is no official way to watch deleted YouTube videos, we have a few techniques to watch deleted videos without links. Before we proceed, let us look at the technicalities of how it is feasible. As we all know, once anything is on the Internet, it is there for all eternity. Nothing ever fully departs. There are several copies of content on the Internet.

Some are classic incidents of outright plagiarism, while others are about Internet archiving. Thousands of BOT crawlers support the latter, the primary goal of which is to index and archive the whole Internet for various purposes. How to find deleted YouTube videos? Here is a lesson that will teach you the methods for searching for the video you are looking for. We know we can watch deleted YouTube videos online, so we must figure out how. In the next section, we have detailed various methods for watching deleted YouTube videos.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Using Wayback Machine –

Accessing the Wayback Machine is among the simplest ways to watch deleted YouTube videos. It is a digital archive of the Internet with over 500 billion pages and is growing daily. However, before you use the Wayback Machine, you must know the video URL.

Find URL/Link Of The Deleted YouTube Video

The link to the deleted video might be found in your browsing history or YouTube watching history, your favorite video list, and/or any YouTube playlists you have made or follow. When you hit the deleted video listing, you will be sent to a video that will not play, but you will be able to find the link.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Paste URL And Search

Paste the URL into the search field on the Wayback Machine. It will show the years and dates the page was crawled.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Watch The Deleted Video Now

Any of these will take you to an archived page. The YouTube video page will display and play.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

There are a few things to bear in mind.

  • The video may not have been archived; it will not play.
  • It’s possible that the Wayback Machine still needs to crawl the URL or link.
  • The page needs to be more popular to be crawled.

As a thorough search engine that indexes a significant quantity of internet content, Google offers an alternate method for finding deleted YouTube videos. Even if the movies cannot be found in the Wayback Machine archives, Google search operators can help you focus your search and find useful information about the deleted videos. Using these search operators, you may improve your search queries and increase your chances of finding traces or references to deleted YouTube videos on Google-indexed websites and platforms. The search results will show relevant terms from other websites. You could stumble and find the video on other platforms. Please note that the efficiency of Google search operators depends on whether the URL or associated information for the video has been referenced elsewhere.

Using YouTube Video Finder (Online Tool) To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

We previously discussed a Chrome extension called “YouTube Video Finder” that allowed you to recover deleted YouTube videos. It is, however, now inaccessible. Fortunately, an alternate online tool, YouTube Video Finder, performs a similar role. This tool is a simple shortcut that allows users to input the URL of a deleted video and search for it directly in the Wayback Machine and prominent search engines. Here’s how to use the online YouTube Video Finder tool.

  • Take note of the URL of the deleted video.
  • To find the deleted video, go to the YouTube Video Finder website, paste the copied URL, and click “Search.”

  • The online tool will then provide you with a shortcut that will take you directly to the Wayback Machine and allow you to search for the video using search engines such as Google.

Find Deleted YouTube Videos – Other Potential Methods

Three other methods are available to assist you in accessing deleted YouTube videos: Wayback Machine, Google Search, and YouTube Finder.

Use Internet Archive Websites – Other internet archive websites, such as, exist in addition to WayBack Machine. These platforms crawl and save online content regularly, including YouTube videos. The deleted video you seek is likely archived on these websites.

Explore Other Video Platforms – Video makers may occasionally re-upload deleted videos on platforms other than YouTube. Look at other video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Search these platforms for pertinent video metadata to discover if there are any copies of the deleted video available.

Contact The Uploader Or Engage With Users – If you know the video’s uploader or other users who may have engaged with it, consider contacting them directly. Inquire about the video link or if there are any other options for accessing the deleted video.

Please note that none of these methods guarantee the recovery of deleted video links since the links may have been permanently erased or destroyed. However, by attempting these extra methods, you increase your chances of finding deleted video content.


To watch deleted YouTube videos, you must first find the original link. Here are some probable methods you might attempt to find the link: (Please note that obtaining the link to a deleted YouTube video is not guaranteed. However, these methods increase your chances of obtaining and watching those deleted YouTube videos without the link).

Check Browsing History & Liked Videos – Begin by analyzing your browser’s history or the favorite videos area of your YouTube account. If you recently watched and/or liked the video before it was deleted, the link may still be accessible in your browsing history or favorites list.

Use Search Engines – Use search engines like Google or Bing to find the video using pertinent keywords or information you recall. Enter the title of the video, specific keywords linked to the content, or any other unique information that might assist in restricting the search results and direct you to the video’s link.

Explore Social Media Platforms – Use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit to search for the video’s title or similar keywords. Users frequently post or discuss videos on these services, and you may find the deleted video or further information, including the link.

About “YouTube Video Finder” Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension “YouTube Video Finder” used to function by collecting the URL of a deleted YouTube video. Users may pick the “Find Video” option from the extension’s context menu by right-clicking on the deleted video.

The extension would then search the Wayback Machine for the video, launching a new tab with the archived version if it was found. To explore other possible sources or references of the deleted video, it would also open a new tab with a Google search of the video’s URL. Please note that the Chrome extension “YouTube Video Finder” is no longer accessible.

Prevent YouTube Video From Accidental Deletion

You may take various actions to protect YouTube videos against inadvertent deletion. To begin, activate the proper privacy settings for your videos, selecting from public, private, or unlisted options based on your need. Second, use YouTube’s Backup and Restore function to generate safe backups of your channel’s videos and data. Also, use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication when accessing accounts. Before making any changes to your videos, thoroughly review them and keep local backups on external storage devices. Finally, educate your employees on ethical procedures to reduce the danger of accidental deletion.

The Bottom Line:

Watching deleted YouTube videos has proven less successful. Recovery and watching depend on whether it was crawled, cached, or re-uploaded. Download and save the video files as soon as possible to prevent losing them. Uploading it to the cloud is also beneficial.

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