https aka ms remoteconnect Error: What Is It? How To Fix It?

https aka ms remoteconnect

The Minecraft is among the best-selling games of all time, with millions of active users worldwide. Regardless of your device, you must log in to play the game. Unfortunately, most Minecraft players encounter a recurring game when attempting to log in. It is nothing but the https aka ms remoteconnect. It is one of the most frequent and frustrating situations that might occur to most Minecraft players. Therefore, let’s examine how to resolve the https aka ms remoteconnect.

What Exactly Is https aka ms remoteconnect Error?

If you attempt to log into Minecraft using a Microsoft account, you will receive an “https aka ms remoteconnect” error. You will be prompted to enter the Microsoft Code. The error or issue indicates that you have replaced the device. For example, you are about to play from Xbox to Play Station. Only a login glitch affects Nintendo, PS4, PC, and other gaming consoles.

How To Easily Fix https aka ms remoteconnect Login Problem On Xbox/PS Console?

1 – Install the Minecraft game from the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Xbox Store.

2 – Start Minecraft on the device.

3 – Select log in with your Microsoft account. 

4 – Write down the code that shows on your console’s note.

5 – In the browser of any other device, navigate to

6 – Enter the code in the appropriate area and then click Next.

Note: To enter the code, you must log in with your Microsoft account or create one for free.

7 – The game will be loaded into your Xbox/PlayStation after validating the code.

8 – You are now able to play Minecraft on your console.

Causes Of The Issue

There are a few frequent causes for this error to occur.

1 – Device change. 

2 – Error in Game data.

Device Change

Microsoft allows you to play on any device by logging in with your account. However, inefficiency contributes to errors such as the one we discussed previously. Due to a change in the device, the “https aka ms remoteconnect” error will occur. Configuring the game to work on an older device is a hassle. Thus, you will encounter such an error. While transferring, it is better to use it on a single device or change to a device with a greater configuration than your prior device.

Error In-Game Data

Second, this error may occur from saved game data. Depending on the extent of corruption, you may have difficulties logging in or playing the game if your game data becomes corrupted. To overcome this, you can elect to reinstall Minecraft. It is the only temporary solution, but it cannot last long. Consider removing the corrupted game data correctly. You may also erase the unneeded game data to avoid this error.

How To Easily Delete, Saved, Corrupted, Unwanted Game Data?

1 – Launch the Minecraft game on your device. 

2 – Open the Settings menu and select System settings.

3 – Choose Storage options inside the system settings menu. 

4 – Access Minecraft game data under Game Storage. 

5 – Click Remove to delete any corrupted or saved Minecraft game files.


These are a few fast solutions to the “https aka ms remoteconnect” error. You may test this on all accessible devices to address the issue and enjoy an exceptional gaming experience. If you’ve any questions, leave them in the comments area below.

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