How to Use Instanavigation to View IG Stories Anonymously?


Recently, there has been discussion on how to view Instagram stories anonymously. Instanavigation gave Instagram users the unique ability to observe someone else’s stories without notifying them. People attempt to observe others’ IG stories without informing them that they are doing so.

This tool might be used to look at the stories of a crush without informing them, a buddy they battled with, or tracking their rivals. Furthermore, one might utilize this function just because they like to remain anonymous, doing things quietly and without being noticed. There might be various reasons for using the Instanavigation app.

What is Instanavigation?

Instanaigation is a service that allows you to read Instagram stories anonymously. This service not only allows you to see the stories of persons you like, but it also allows you to download memes and videos uploaded on IG.

Lots of people desire to download Instagram stories or posts. However, users cannot immediately download posts, videos, memes, reels, or images from the app. As a result, finding a trustworthy source to obtain them is essential.

Snaptube, Vidmate, Instagram Video Downloader, Instanavigation, BlindStory, StorySaver, Ghostify, Qoob, Storistalker, and Dumpor are some of the programs and websites created for this purpose.

How Does Instanavigation Works?

On desktop computers, mobile devices, and laptops, works best. There is no requirement to obtain or install it. Simply launch in your web browser to take advantage of these functionalities. Therefore, it is also optimal for people whose smartphones have limited storage space or are obsolete.

Here is a guide to using Instanavigation:

  • Launch a web browser or another application on your desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet. Remember to activate your internet cable, as this site is inoperable when not connected.
  • Enter into the search bar followed by the enter key.
  • Creating an account or registering on the website is not required once it appears on the screen.
  • Launch the Instagram application and select the account you desire to monitor in the sidebar or on-screen. Paste the user’s Instagram ID into the designated field after copying it. Similarly, copy and paste the link to their profile. Once you have entered both of these, press the search button.
  • To proceed with viewing the story, select the story option. Conversely, in order to observe posts, one should select “View Posts.” The insights or statistics pertaining to the posts or story will not include your name or ID.
  • Additionally, everything viewed contains a download icon that, when clicked, allows the item to be downloaded.

Is Instanavigation Safe to Use?

Everyone recommends Instanavigation, which is completely safe to use. Its 100% safety is due to the fact that it does not need the user to sign in to their Instagram account. As a result, if the site does not know your IG account data, it cannot notify the app’s logistics, and IG cannot detect your presence.

Can i see Save Account Stories?

The sole disadvantage of this app is that its operating specifications are comparable to those of Instagram and other third-party applications or websites. As a result, you would be unable to see their private accounts, feed, or stories. Only unrestricted public groups may be seen from now on.

Instanavigation Alternatives Apps

Other applications and websites with comparable functionality to this anonymous stories reader app exist. Here is a list of the best Instanavigation alternatives.


Dumpor, like Instanavigation, allows users to monitor anybody they want and grab an infinite number of movies, stories, reels, and posts. To use the functions of this website, one does not need to sign up or provide any personal information.

There are various programs and services that allow you to watch Instagram stories anonymously, but Instanavigation is the finest. Viewing stories, posting anonymously, and downloading movies are all aspects of an upgraded website.


StorySaver, as the name implies, is an Instagram story-saving app. Furthermore, it is used for copying captions from IG posts. One may also look at their rivals’ hashtags and utilize them while publishing to attract a larger audience.

It also allows you to download posts and reels. The main disadvantage of Story Saver is that it sometimes freezes in the middle of a story, and only reinstalling fixes the issues. Apart from that, it is not compatible with iOS devices.


BlindStory includes a straightforward user interface and cutting-edge functionality. After logging up with your Instagram username and password, the Blind Story displays all of your friends’ and everyone else’s stories in the feed on the screen. Anyone may tap on any article and view it completely anonymously and for free.

The software allows you to save your favorite Instagram profile in Blind Story’s specific favorites area. When that individual uploads a tale, it will go to the top of the favorites list. However, each day, just 15 stories are available for free viewing.

However, the app sometimes crashes and does not load the stories promptly. The premium edition of this software costs $3.99 on both iOS and Android smartphones.


Ghostify provides all of the features you’d expect, such as a user-friendly design, the ability to download and browse stories anonymously, and the ability to publish anonymously. The program, however, is not free. One may use Ghostify for free for one day and view 15 stories anonymously. However, if someone has to use it on a daily basis, they must pay $2.99 per month for Ghostify premium.


Qoob provides users with a variety of special features that allow them to have fun on Instagram downloading anything they want and from whoever they want. The premium version of Qoob enables users to download photographs, reels, and stories from private accounts, export captions, and have access to business usage permissions.

Only premium users of Qoob may view stories anonymously. One must now lighten their wallet and pay $7 per month for a Qoob premium account. Every day, 200 videos may be downloaded for free from Qoob.


  • iGanony – Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer
  • Picnob – Instagram Downloader and Viewer
  • GenYouTube – Download YouTube Videos Online
  • TK2DL – TikTok Video Downloader


Users do not want to be noticed scrolling at other people’s Instagram stories. It’s a service that allows users to remain anonymous while notifying you about what’s going on on Instagram. This website is completely free and very easy to use. Regardless of your device, InstaNavigation saves high-quality photographs and videos. While most Instagram story viewers are safe to use, it is always a good idea to use recognized products and read their privacy rules.

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